Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a wonderful weekend. Best part is everyone was healthy for the first time in three weeks! It was a pretty low-key weekend. I took about three pictures but it was still fun.

Friday: We had a nice family dinner that everyone ate which is always wonderful.  Just pasta with chicken and veggies. Simple and healthy. Ice-cream sandwiches for dessert - Evie's choice. Carl and I are really noticing how much easier life is getting as our children are growing up. Evie is such a terrific big sister - a real mother hen to Henry and Henry wants to be a big boy but still has some baby in him.  It's a really fun stage and we are certainly enjoying it!

Saturday: I woke up with the kids because Carl was up way too early every day last week. He needed to catch up on his sleep. We all enjoyed a lazy morning at home. Nothing too exciting! Henry was thrilled that we made pizza for lunch. He must be growing because he is eating us out of house and home. It is unbelievable how much food this kid can put away.  

While Henry napped, I took Evie to Toys R Us to use her "ticket" that what she calls gift cards that she received for her birthday. It went really well at the store and she quickly made her selection. Her mood quickly changed when we returned home and buyers remorse set in. Evie was not happy with her Frozen doll and wished that she had bought the Barbie pool. We had lots of drama and it took some major conflict resolution and girl talk to get her to calm down. It was also an exercise in patience for me. I decided it was a wonderful learning opportunity and talked to Evie about how the same thing happens to me sometimes. Evie was all ready to take back the doll and the torn up box to the store.  We discussed how Evie has more than enough toys and it is important to be grateful for what you have so Evie made a list of all the toys that she loves. then we cuddled and then we said a little prayer and ate chocolate. After that, she felt better. Thank goodness because I was exhausted! Evie is working "jobs" to earn money to buy the Barbie pool although she will probably forget about it before she earns the $15 that the pool costs. 

Taylor, our amazing babysitter, walked in the door right as all this was ending. YAY! Carl and I were so excited to head out the door for a delicious dinner at Jimmy Kelly's - filet, baked potato and salad. Sounds good to me! Dessert . . . why not! We sat next to the fire and it was so nice! Carl enjoyed the boat show afterwards and I love that he loves it so much. It is really fun to see the amazing boats. I would love to have one of the super nice Cobalt boats but we live 30 minutes away from the lake. Carl would be thrilled for me to agree to just move to the lake to solve that logistical problem. It would be nice to unwind after a long day with a quick jaunt out on the lake but we both love the convenience of life right outside of Nashville.

Sunday: Our kids slept late surprising since that never happens when they have a sitter. Guess they really are growing up! We made it out the door for church in a record 23 minutes without any tears or screaming  - that's progress! Henry made a new friend at church that is his age and it is amazing how different they are in size. We took a meandering drive after church and Evie was able to recall with surprising accuracy the last time she took that route and who she was with - Evie has such a wonderful memory. We made quick trip to Bojangles before coming home. I left to meet a friend at a design event held at Ethan Allen - so fun! We learned lots of design tips and tricks and ate lots of yummy food. It was such a pleasant afternoon. My friend even won a door prize- not me but I never win anything. Going to events like that always make me want to come home and start all over with my house but that's not exactly realistic so I am just sticking with my plan to do two or three small changes per room each month. After our workshop, I headed to the Apple Store for my first Mac Book training class and learned so much but have lots left to learn. I am blogging for the first time from my laptop so that's a start. Sam was very patient was me - I am pretty sure he thought I had no clue at all with computers until he found out I had a blog and then Sam decided that I must at least know a tiny bit about computers maybe just not Mac computers. Oh well, I am going back for another class in a few weeks and already have three questions on my list -now that I know a little more -I know what to ask.  Carl had a blast with the kids while I was gone and I made some chicken chili when I got home since everyone else was starving. We played outside a bit since it was our last warm day for awhile. Brr, the high is 19 on Tuesday. Nashville is beginning to feel like the Frozen Tundra again.

Hope your Monday is magnificent. I know ours will be. Henry starts gymnastics with his friend Anderson and he is so over the moon excited!

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  1. I just love how you handled Evie's buyer's remorse. You are a great mom!


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