Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Evie's Gymnastics Party!

Evie has known she wanted a gymnastics birthday for months. Saturday was the big day! We were all excited even Henry. He went to bed chanting "Evie birthday tomorrow."
Our friends at Sweet Birdie's Nest designed the invitations and as always they did a phenomenal job. Can't imagine a party without Sweet Birdie's. Thank you Beverly and Heidi!


We arrived a little early and had time to take a few pictures before it got crazy. Birthday parties always get crazy with children involved.

What a fun afternoon! The wonderful gymnastic coaches split the children into two groups and took them all over the gym. Everyone had a ball!  Gymnastics is a terrific way to get rid of some extra energy.

After an hour, in the gym it was time for cake. Evie selected a cookie cake. I was worried it was way too big but it turned out to be the perfect size for our large group.  Cookie cakes are a nice change from cupcakes. Evie sure makes good choices.

Evie loved passing out the favors to her friends. Gymnastics necklaces for the girls off Etsy and whistles for the boys. Both boys and girls received a gymnastics themed chocolate too.

It was so nice walking out the door with our guests and leaving the mess for someone else to worry about. Evie had a ball! Can't believe our Evie is turning 5 on Thursday.

We had the Onello's over for pizza after the party since we never see them anymore. Birthday parties really have become our social life! Evie was excited to open her presents before bed. She sure received lots of wonderful gifts from our thoughtful friends.

What a fun birthday party!


  1. What a fun party! I would love to have even just one good place for a kids' party nearby. Five is hard to believe! Why does each year seem way, way older than the last?

  2. What a fun party idea! Love that picture of Evie wide-eyed with amazement after the invite. I remember snuggling her as a newborn...seems like yesterday!


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