Monday, June 3, 2013


 Evie despises bugs and she was in the midst of a fit regarding the bees when she looked up to say, "I do not like bees but their outfits sure are cute."

"I want to be just like you Mama." She says this all the time which makes me simultaneously cringe and feel honored all at the same time.

Evie was frustrated and trying to tell me something. I reminded her to take a deep breath and use words. "I just don't know what to say."

After dancing one day, she pranced out while announcing- "Dancing, now that's hard work."

We were working on her letters recently and she kept getting mad at the pen because it was "smidging."

Princesses are still popular but Evie does not like Jasmine. "Jasmine needs a dress to be a princess. All the princesses wear dresses."

One day in the car, we were discussing following Jesus while driving behind a car. She asked me if that car was following Jesus too.

At the library, she was sitting beside me reading books a tad too loudly. I reminded her to be quiet and she looked up at me with exasperation- "Reading, that's what you do in libraries." A few minutes later she told me that she wanted to jump in the book because she liked it so much.

Evie found a float in the closet that needed some air. "Breath that float, Daddy."


  1. These are my favorites! Always interesting (or nerve-wracking) to hear what will come out!

  2. love these!! such a fun little personality! :)
    and libbi feels the same way about jasmine. she does not think she's dressed appropriately. ;)

  3. Oh that pouty face is too much!! And these are too cute! Following Jesus is my favorite. I have a notebook and pen on the ready as Davis starts to learn words so I can capture his cute sayings.

  4. Love that face in the third picture! So priceless!


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