Friday, October 31, 2014

Festive Fall!

It's been a festive fall these last few weeks! Everyone is excited about tonight. Halloween is always a special night. I am always sad to see October come to an end. My favorite month always passes too quickly!

Pumpkin Fest: Last Saturday, was Pumpkin Fest! We missed it last year 
because Carl was out of town. He was ready to go back! It's an event for sure but it is packed to the gills. We arrived right as it opened and had a delightful time. Evie and Henry loved all the games and activities. Henry adored the train and Evie loved meeting the princesses. Carl is always a fan of the popcorn and I enjoyed running into some friends from church. We ate lunch together which made it extra fun! It was a gorgeous day filled with fun.

Gentry's Farm: We headed back to Gentry's Farm with our small group from church.  It was our fifth year in a row to enjoy Gentry's. Crazy to think we started with one kid and now we have two. It was our first year without a stroller - that's a milestone that came so quickly! After a fun afternoon of hayrides, corn mazes and tee pee play - we headed to the Sullivan's house for dinner. It was a terrific night!

Brighton Gardens: I love taking my kids trick or treating at an area assisted living facility. Evie missed it this year since she was at school but Henry was a BIG fan of it. He had no qualms at all since candy was involved!

Pumpkin Carving: Carl is the master of pumpkin carving. Evie and Henry really get into too. Henry really wanted to use the knife this ear. Evie and I toasted the pumpkin seeds and ate lots of them. YUMMY! I love the smell of the candle in the pumpkin! One of my favorite smells.

Fall Parties: I enjoyed attending both kids Halloween parties at school! Both kids love having me there and I love being there. Evie had told everyone it was my birthday and that made me feel so special. Henry held my hand during his entire lunch! He wanted me right next to him!

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