Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up: Pig Roast and Frozen

We had a spectacular fall weekend! I adore this time of year in Middle Tennessee - so much to do and gorgeous weather.

Friday: Pizza for dinner and a dance party is our end of the week tradition. Everyone is usually ready for bed early including Mama. 

Saturday: We went to Home Depot for the kids workshop. Both kids loved creating their own EMS truck and climbing into the firetruck. Fire safety month has already provided us with five fire hats and the month is still young. Carl worked in the yard all afternoon and the kids played nicely while I did a few things around the house. We made pumpkin muffins and they were delicious. Henry's friend Elliot invited us to a pig roast and it was a blast! We knew a few families from preschool and just from living here for so long now. Carl and I never pass up a chance to eat BBQ. Delicious! There was TONS of food and drink. The kids had the run of the yard and enjoyed themselves. Carl and I were able to chat with each other and our friends. There are some good parts to children getting older. Finishing conversations is definitely at the top of the list! What a fun night and it may have inspired us to have a big party at our house. 

Sunday: Henry slept late and Evie was up early. Not sure why they cannot both sleep late or both wake early. We skipped church and I was sorry by 10 when Evie and I had a little come to Jesus meeting. I can only imagine the years ahead with my Evie! Motherhood is filled with challenges. Carl and Evie went to Frozen on Ice. Evie picked Carl several weeks ago to take her because "Daddy never gets to take me anywhere fun." Such a sweet girl! I love that she thought out her decision so well. Henry picked the mall for his date with me. How did I get so lucky?  He loves to play in the play area and of course take a ride on the carousel. Our next stop was for milkshakes and Halloween decorations. Henry picked out a good pumpkin to get us started on our collection. People never just have one pumpkin anymore! Henry fell asleep on the way home and ended up feeling a bit under the weather this evening. Poor little buddy is having a time with his allergies. We made Asian Lettuce Wraps for dinner that were amazing. I am taking dinner half to a family with a new baby so it is always nice to cook in batches. 

That wraps up our fabulous fall weekend! Hope your week is gets off to a terrific start.

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  1. I am laughing at your come to Jesus. I frequently think my 2yo is easier than my 5yo...many less words and thoughts! Sounds like a wonderful fall weekend.


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