Friday, June 26, 2009

Daddy's Home

Evie woke up even earlier today at 5:45. I really hope it does get any earlier. Each day she is kicking more and more. She spent an hour kicking her crib before she fell asleep. A video monitor would be great so I would know what she is doing in there.
We went to Birkdale to walk around a little. It was very hot but great to get out of the house. We were in Barnes and Noble checking out the magazines. I heard a little boy yelling, "Baby, Baby" before I knew it he was right in Evie's face. He took her precious little cheeks and squeezed them kinda like a grandmother would do. Evie stared blankly at him, she did not know what to do with this kid. I found out his name was Gage and he apparently LOVES babies. Gage's parents were engaged in conversation and did not notice their son's interaction with Evie. I rolled her stroller away from this kid and then he came over and stuck her pacifier in her mouth. The mom did not seem concerned at all that her child was invading my sweet little critter's personal space. Evie's reaction was funny because she did not seem to care at all.
Evie is getting better every day with sitting up. She still loves to sit up in front of the mirror and likes to giggle at her reflection. Carl and I will do anything to hear her infectious giggle. So glad that Carl is home. We are having so much fun with our baby. No picture today but I will take one tomorrow.


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