Friday, June 5, 2009

Evie goes to 4th Grade

Evie loved the rain this morning! It was really pouring so I put Evie on her belly on the rug in the front hall and opened the door. She spent about 20 minutes staring at the rain. Carl was excited to hear that Evie has taken such an interest in weather.

After Evie's nap, we went to see my class. It was good to see them and wonderful to see all the teachers but I still think the best decision for me is to stay home with Evie. I cannot imagine leaving her and feel very fortunate that I am able to stay home to watch Evie grow. She changes each day! My class has grown so much too. Many of them are already taller than me. Doesn't take much. I'm a shorty!
It feels like I did not even teach this year - January was not that long ago but so much has changed.
Evie loved all the little girls playing with her. Evie even let a few teachers hold her but was ready to go. All of that excitement wore her out. She was asleep before we left the parking lot.

We went to Target and the cashier was very interested in Evie. She told me that Evie was so big and that she must be 8 or 9 months. I politely told her that Evie was not quite 5 months. So she took her glasses off and looked again then she told me that her magnifiers had made Evie appear larger. Too funny! I am constantly amazed at the crazy things people say to Evie. Some people just do not have a filter!

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