Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scary Storms

Evie loves to play in her saucer.

She has sat up a few times but it's hard to get it before she falls.

What a big girl playing in her highchair!

It's been a day! Everything is happening so fast . . . all of a sudden after weeks of nothing happening with our move. Evie has cooperated quite nicely! She napped for two hours while I met with our excellent real estate agent. Our house is officially on the market. I was so surprised to come home to see the sign in the yard. Wow, she works fast! Carl and I feel so fortunate that his company is doing everything in their power to make relocating a simple process. I feel so much better now that we have a plan - well, the beginnings of a plan. I cannot wait for us all to live in the same house again. Evie and I really miss Carl.

Notes on Gymboree: Crazy Mama was there and she announced that she fed her baby mashed potatoes at a restaurant. She also feeds him a huge assortment of baby food including prunes. She said that prunes can really get things moving. He eats every 2 or 2.5 hours. I was thinking: Lady, no wonder your 3 1/2 month old baby weighs 30 pounds. Believe it or not - this woman is really growing on me. Maybe because all her crazy stories make my life seem more stable. HA!

Evie and I drove around after Gymboree because the photographer was taking shots of our house. Then, I had a dentist appointment. Allison was kind enough to take watch Evie for me. Thanks Allison for being such a great friend! Evie had so much fun with you and Paisley. She sure loves your ceiling fan!

We headed to Target to get our groceries and baby neccesities! There was a HUGE storm while we were shopping so I took my time so my sweet baby would not get wet two days in a row during a storm. It stopped raining as we were walking out so I thought we were okay. Then it started thundering and there was some lightening in the distance. I put Evie in the car and then started loading the bags! A huge bolt of lightening hit really close to me! It scared me so much that I jumped and screamed. Already thoughts, were running through my head - of course I am fine but it was scary!

I think we may have found a place to stay in Nashville while our house is on the market and get to know the area! We are waiting for pictures but it's close to all the things I like such as Target, Gymboree, Whole Foods, a mall and best of all KRISPY KREME!!!! The real estate agent in Nashville put me in contact with someone and she is great! I am so proud of myself because she quoted me a price and I asked if she could go lower. She agreed to go lower! Now it makes me wonder what else I could have gotten if I asked for more! I have learned it never hurts to ask for what you want. It makes me think of my favorite Widespread song - Ride Me High. It goes, "One thing that's for certain, one things that for sure. The less you want, the more you've got so don't you cry for more." That sums it up. We really feel good about how everything is working out so we aren't going to cry for more!

Evie seemed interested that Paisley was eating in the high chair so I put Evie in tonight to eat her cereal and sweet potatoes. She really liked it! Doesn't she look so cute!
Evie went right to sleep tonight! She was so sleepy after her busy day.

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