Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feet Treat Thursday

Evie woke up at 6:00 AM this morning! I should have enjoyed those early days more when she went back to sleep after her morning feeding. We played and woke Nana up then Evie went down for her nap. I went to get a pedicure! It was wonderful and very much needed. Thanks Mom for staying with Evie.

Nana took us to lunch at JD Rockers. Evie LOVES it in there since it's so loud. She was very quiet and played with her hands and feet. Then, I noticed that she had another blowout! AHHH - sweet potatoes do not seem to work well with Evie. Mom and I changed her in the back of my car and put her in a diaper in the carseat. She went through 4 outfits today. The washing machine will be busy tonight!

Evie showed us how she is learning to sit up and then she took a nap. We went to look at her and she woke up a few minutes later. Guess she's getting too big for us to go check on her except at night. So, since she was awake we made a quick trip to the Harris Teeter and ran into our priest. She is on sabbatical and looks fabulous! Evie and I told her that we were moving to Nashville in a few weeks.

Evie and I came home and played some. She has learned to hit her bug on her playgym to get it to sing to her. What a smart girl!

Then Evie and I went to the pool. She had so much fun! There was an innertube there for babies and she fit right in it. We had a great time! It was not very crowded and the water felt great. Evie loves the sound of the water in the splashpark and was so calm. It took her awhile to get to sleep tonight because she was overtired. Busy day for a little one. Can't wait to see Carl tomorrow.

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