Monday, June 8, 2009

We made it!

We spent the majority of the day driving to Nashville. This morning we packed up the truck and left our house about 8:15 and got here around 4:15. That includes stopping four times: once at a rest area, once for lunch, once for Carl to call on a customer and once for fuel. Not too bad. Evie cried less than 10 minutes the whole trip but it seems like longer when trapped in a car. She was happy to get to Nashville and rolled over for us with a smile on her face. We played in the hotel and then drove around for a little bit. Dinner was at Logan's. It was loud - the louder the better for Evie. She was ready to leave and is passed out again. It's hard being a baby.
Here's a picture of her eating at the hotel. She's doing great with her rice cereal - that's a relief since she does not like bottles. However, Carl and I were not expecting the change in diapers that solid food causes. We had a HUGE blowout on the way here.

Evie and I were happy to see that there is a lot to do around this hotel. There is a huge mall, a Target, Whole Food's, Barnes and Noble and best of all . . . Krispy Kreme. YUMMY. We might walk there in the morning.

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