Monday, June 1, 2009

Evie's First Trip to Modern

I am so sad this outfit is getting too little!
Evie seems to know when to smile for the camera.
Exhausted Evie on the way home from playgroup.

Evie and I had a great day! She's been so sweet and good. I was thrilled with her two hour nap this morning. Then we went to playgroup at Paisley's house. It was so cute to see Paisley. I think she liked having so many babies at her house. Allison blew bubbles and the babies loved it! We had great snacks although most moms did not eat. This mom had plenty of spinach dip - yummy!

Evie was exhausted from hanging out with her friends so she came home and took a nap. Then we went to Birkdale to get my eyebrows waxed. I was nervous to take her because I was worried she'd scream. Qwanitra has been asking for months that I bring Evie in so today was the day. Evie slept through the first half and then spent the rest of the time smiling and admiring her feet. I saw a Lake Norman Mommy friend and we were chatting about how most salons will not let you bring your baby.I love Modern for my brows but would never take Evie there for a hair appointment. Luckily, I have Jenn who does it right in her house. She has a booming business since she let's us bring our screaming babies along with all of our gear into her house. She's really good at doing hair too but prefers to be in her house with her little one.

After our big adventure at Modern, we walked around and got some pictures developed. Evie fell asleep so I just kept walking. Let's hope for a full-night of sleep. No wakeups!

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