Sunday, June 14, 2009

Evie is our little Strawberry!

We had a relaxing weekend! Did not do anything at all - it was so nice! We caught up on laundry, cleaning and all the things that did not get done all week.
Evie was only up twice last night so she's getting better. I can deal with once but twice is too much especially since she will be 5 months on Tuesday. Time really flies - everyone told me it would but it's hard to really get it until it's your baby girl.
Carl and I went through all of Evie's clothes today and decided which ones to keep for her future siblings, which ones to give to Goodwill and which one's nobody would want! I am already realizing that I can't save everything but they are all so special especially the ones from Evie's early days. It's so hard to believe she is so big!

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