Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Mini Icecreams!

I was so excited to find these little mini ice-cream treats today at Harris Teeter. They only have a few flavors but they have my favorite Mint Chocolate Chip. It's a perfect portion and stays super fresh since you eat it all at once. These must not be new because there was a wide variety of brands to choose from. Usually, I am racing through the grocery store so I just get what I need so I do not notice all the new stuff! Glad I slowed down long enough to find these little treats.

I got the Edy's and it was about $1 which is not bad considering going out for ice-cream is much more expensive. Carl prefers rocky road and I like to try new things. We both agree on vanilla so we usually stick with that but sometimes that gets a little old. This is a great idea kinda like 100 calorie packs but with ice-cream. YUMMY!

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