Thursday, June 4, 2009

Silly Girl!

Evie started her day a little cranky but became very happy! She's a silly little thing. Evie got so tired at Gymboree that she took a 2 hour nap in her carseat. That was great - I got a lot done! Then, we went to the Fresh Market to get a gift for a friend. I love that place. They had my favorite popcorn on sale. It is kettle corn mixed with cocoa corn. YUMMY. I also got a kitchen sink cookie since I have always wanted to try one but did not want to buy a whole box. They are actually better than our favorite Heath Bar Crunch.

Carl and I have always had a tradition to get pizza on Fridays. We are both tired of eating out so I am planning to cook spaghetti. I cannot wait to have a homemade meal. Evie is still enjoying her sweet potatoes. She is getting more on her than in her! That's okay we have fun.

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