Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keys, Great Grandmothers and a Birthday Party

Evie slept all night for the first time since April. It was fabulous! She took a great nap this morning. I am so excited she really seems to be getting back on a good schedule. Carl went to play golf with Thomas. We lived here two years and Carl has not played even though the course is at the end of our street. We used to love walking the course on cold days but he never played. I think he enjoyed playing and I am so glad he had the chance before we moved.

Evie and I went to Home Depot to get some keys made. I realized that I did not have my phone so I came back to get it. We had a showing so I had to wait and then we were late getting to Gastonia. It all worked out! Everything - even the little things are so much harder with a baby. It's a production just to run in a store - there is no real quick anymore but that's okay.
We went to get Nana and then went to see my grandmother. Evie enjoyed seeing her great-grandmother. My grandmother's friend, Allie Pearl was there. They have know each other for a LONG time like more than 80 years. Allie Pearl lives two houses down from my grandmother.

Evie was so tired that she was asleep before we left my parent's neighborhood. She slept all the way home but wakes up as soon as the car pulls in the garage.

We went to celebrate with Thomas. It was so much fun! They had delicious burgers with meat from a cow that they bought. Seriously, they bought a cow and have tons of beef in their freezer. It is so good. I think we need to buy a cow. Shouldn't be too hard to find in Nashville. We met some cool people from Nashville. They are expecting a baby girl in October. We look forward to getting to know Brian and Rebecca better once we get there. Evie and Paisley had fun but of course I did not have my camera out while they were being cute. Evie was super tired. She fell asleep before we got home and we live about 1 minute from them. Bedtime was a little tricky but not too bad considering she went to sleep one hour after her normal bedtime. Carl and I are enjoying a relaxing night on the couch. We are hoping to get some quality time in with Ev's tomorrow before Carl has to go back to Nashville.

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