Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Evie had a VERY cranky morning. We had a photographer at our house and she was not interested in any solo pictures. She was fine as long as we held her. Those pictures should be interesting.

Her Ipop and Uncle Ben came to see her this afternoon. Nana was at a baby shower. We walked to Birkdale and Evie got some sunglasses and a new bubble suit. Her Daddy will get her anything she wants.

Then we went to the Fresh Market to get some dinner and rented the movie Taken - our date nights are at home now. Life has changed for sure but we would not change it. Evie is our life now!

Just a little while ago, we discovered Evie's crankiness was a result of learning to roll over! That takes a lot of concentration for a little one. We are so excited she can roll over! No more resting on the bed while Mommy gets ready in the morning. She's been close all week but I guess she was waiting for her Daddy to be here to see her! She did it with an audience! YAY for Evie.

Evie let her Daddy feed her rice cereal. She opens her mouth when the spoon comes toward her. We think she likes it. Well, Evie is out of the bath. It's time for her to get ready for bed!

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