Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three Months!

Dear Sweet Hen,

      You are 3 months old today! Every day with you is so much fun, you coo and laugh which brings us so much joy . You smile in recognition to your family and ham it up for random people that you come across while we are out and about. You are so sweet and just positively perfect to us!

You are a big boy weighing 14 pounds and 9 ounces. Those Size 2 diapers seemed so large a month ago but they now fit you perfectly. You wear mostly 6 month clothes with a few 3 month pieces.  You eat a lot! I have noticed that you are beginning to be more distracted while eating and do much better in a quiet room. This, my friend is going to be challenging because we are not often in quiet rooms. Evie likes to be right with you  at all times so it's not exactly quiet around our house.

Speaking of sisters, Evie could not love you any more. She worries about you, kisses you and always knows just where you are. If she cannot find you, she anxiously asks me "where Henry go" as if you walked across the street. She does not love holding you but that's because you are a bit heavy. Evie takes her big sister role quite seriously and doles out toys to you as she sees fit and keeps the books rotating in your room better than the library. Evie has not shown one bit of jealousy. You have helped her grow up so much! Now, she occasionally tells me you are not hungry when it's time for you to eat and she wants to go outside. It's so funny because she answers the questions that I ask you because she knows you cannot. She knows all your favorites which book is best, which blanket is the softest and even turns your sounds on for you in the nursery. You are a lucky boy to have Evie as your sister!

We sure are lucky to have you too! Henry, you are the sweetest, happiest baby that I have ever met. Campbell, your friend across the street was praying for you the other night and he said, "God Bless Henry, he is a great baby." That made us laugh and laugh and was a good reminder of all the little ears around us.

You still sleep a lot although not so much today! Maybe you are in celebration mode. You generally stay awake for 1 - 1.5 hours after you eat and sleep two hours or so. Afternoons are your best naps, sometimes you sleep from 12-5 waking once to eat. You are still waking up once a night usually around 4 or 5 but I am still okay with that! It's our special time and I just marvel at how amazingly exquisite you are even at 4 in the morning.

You still love ceiling fans, music always makes you happy and Evie is your greatest source of entertainment. Car rides are much better now except when it's dark. You are not so sure about that. Evie points out the moon to you and sings lots of songs to keep you happy in the car.

You like to hang out on your belly and can hold your head up so well. It's funny to watch you learn to move your body. You can scoot a bit if the surface allows it and you roll over a lot. You still love to be swaddled but you are getting so big that is quickly becoming a problem.

Henry, we love having a little boy and you are such a wonderful addition to our family. You make us so happy! We are enjoying watching you grow and change just as much as we did Evie. It is just going so much faster this time. Maybe you could slow down just a little . . . we really like having a baby in the house.


Mommy and Daddy


  1. henry is so handsome! our lives sound very similar! libbi always asks about laney, too. it is so funny :-) as soon as she wakes up in the morning she says, "where lay-lay go?" and immediately wants to know if she's already downstairs or still asleep.
    she doesn't like to hold laney, either. but if laney is on the floor, you better believe libbi is stuck to her like glue.
    and we have definitely encountered the whole distracted while eating phase. it's frustrating to me, because i feel so guilty "shushing" libbi when i know she's just playing and not at all trying to be bothersome. (Even though there are definitely times when she is purposely yelling!)
    one last thing...i think it's funny that we must post/comment around the same time as each other. i always sign on and read your blog and about the time i finish, i have a comment from you on mine. :)

  2. Happy 3 months Henry! You are too cute!!

  3. Happy 3 months Henry! I think he really favors Carl, and I see a little Evie as well. Thanks for the paint advice. I actually remembered you talking about Macadamia so I have found the closet Benjamin Moore equivalent. As for lighting, I've only started at Lowe's, Pottery Barn, and a lighting shop in Williamsburg, VA. I know there are probably massive stores I can visit, but I fear getting overwhelmed and going over-budget. Do you have an open foyer?


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