Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Where Henry Go?"

My little pumpkin enjoying her pumpkin cookie after school.

Henry and Evie playing boat. Doesn't Henry look thrilled?
Evie asks me "Where Henry go" approximately 50 times per day! She has to know where he is at all times. I picked her up from school today and Henry was at home with his sitter. Evie was not happy about that and told me that Henry "don't like sitters" and that "he like mommy to babysit him." Well, then Evie, I will be sure to keep that in mind! Evie was thrilled to see brother when she got home and stated playing boat with him. Boat is when everyone piles into Henry's play gym so they do not get wet from the water. Our carpet is apparently a deep, deep river so we have to use a boat. Evie has really become much more imaginative in the last few weeks and more independent during playtime. She plays quite elaborate games such as mommy, grocery store and school. All the babies get checked for rashes and then they get cream. Grocery store always involves a baby in the cart and a bag bigger than her hanging from her shoulder. School is my favorite game because it involves crayons and markers which occupies her for a good long time. Evie has already formulated a long list for Santa that includes an easel which will be perfect for school especially since her students often learn best outside. She drags everything out in the backyard and sets up school under our big oak tree. It's really fun to see her blossoming into a real little girl! There's not a trace of baby left in my sweet girl. That's okay, there is lots more fun in store as she grows up!

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  1. That looks like a delicious cookie! As a child, I could entertain myself for hours playing school, store, bank, etc. Mom always said that wherever we went that day, I came home to set up shop and play whatever and wherever we had been.


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