Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up . . . Sleepless Edition!

It's been a crazy weekend! Friday night, we had a quiet dinner at home and then just hung out. Evie took a late nap so she stayed up with us. That's why this is the sleepless edition, Evie has been so out of sorts all weekend because she is so exhausted.

  She's gotten in a pattern of late naps which means a later bedtime but she still wakes up around 7. It has not been pretty. We have had tantrum and meltdown city at our house.

Saturday, Evie and I ran out to do a few errands while Carl stayed with Henry. Evie was starting to be difficult around 10:30 so I put her down for a short nap around 11. She woke up much happier so headed out a birthday party. Carl stayed with Henry again because it was a bit chilly and the party was outside sAll the dads at the party were a tad jealous that Carl managed to escape another birthday party. It's so much fun for the kids but birthday parties are the main event on our social calendar these days. I did enjoy chatting with my friends and seeing Evie have a blast on the bouncy house. She made friends with the balloon man real fast and played peek a boo with him so she could score a pink giraffe. Evie came home and took a nice long nap which caused another late bedtime. We may have to start waking her up but then she gets even crankier.

We ordered some wings for dinner. What a waste of money! They were no better than the frozen wings from the grocery store but like Carl said - we did not have to leave the house. We enjoyed a picnic in the den which made it more fun. Carl made us some popcorn and Evie helped. She loves watching the kernels pop on the stove.

We had a pretty rough night sleep-wise. Henry woke up at 3 and I fed him so then I was back in bed about 3:30. Then, Evie woke up at 5 because "her bed was not cozy anymore" so I changed her diaper and rocked her for a few minutes. I came downstairs to get a drink and she was asleep by the time I was back upstairs. Then, Henry woke up about 6 to eat again and Evie was up at 6:30. Henry went back to sleep for a little bit and Carl took over kid duty. It felt so nice to sleep late. Our church was having a family barbecue today but we decided there was no way that Evie could handle that today so we stayed home. Evie and Carl made waffles for breakfast which thrilled Chef Evie! She LOVES cooking. They went jogging and I cleaned the house. Evie was not happy to come inside because she wanted to play with her boys. Carl had to use the sander when he came back from his jog and it was so loud. Both kids were hysterical between the loud sound, being hungry and tired. It was a hot mess! I put Evie down for her nap and she kept telling me to ask her Daddy to stop that loud sound. Evie was asleep by 12:30. I got so much done since both kids napped at the same time. That makes a world of difference! Evie woke up at 4 in a pleasant mood.

Carl and Evie went to Sonic to get us a bag of ice because our ice-maker is broken. We finally bit the bullet and bought a new fridge. Our fridge is circa 1992 and was really starting to look bad and have problems. Carl loves his ice so a broken ice maker would never fly at our house. Sonic ice is the best so this might become a regular treat. It's a cheap indulgence that makes even water feel more special. Can you tell we really like our ice?

Evie saw her boys outside so we went to visit! Our kids are so cute together. It is so much fun to watch them play and fight like siblings. I LOVE it! Henry was ready for bed so we came home. We are all exhausted but it was a fun weekend.

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  1. i just love henry's hair!
    libbi is the same way - EVERYONE'S world is a better place when she has her nap and sticks to her "normal" schedule. :)
    birthday parties stress me out...BIG TIME!


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