Friday, September 30, 2011

Newborns in Need!

Cute cake!

Henry enjoyed the shower too!

Mary leading the kids in a game!

This was before cake!

Evie starting the game of filling the diaper bag with baby items!

Elise, had a great time! Is she not too cute?

Trying to figure out their best strategy!

Most everyone had left at this point and my face clearly shows my exhaustion! Evie was trying to convince me to go see the owl. She loves her owl.  It's not a real visit to the library without dropping by to say hello to owl.
It has been a week at our house! We are all exhausted and need some rest especially after this morning. I co-hosted a baby shower for Newborns in Need. It is an incredible organization that helps out premature, sick or babies born into poverty. Our MOMS Club does multiple service projects each year and decided this would be a great one. I'd encourage you to try this with your own group of moms. It was pretty easy although I do not recommend hosting it at the library. Way too stressful for me! Kids are loud and messy which is not the best combination for a library.

Anyway, I digress, the local chapter sent a representative to speak to our group and she had a lot of interesting points to share regarding NIN. It was a bit difficult to understand her because of all the chaos but I had a chance to talk with her later. She shared with me that she became active in our local chapter of NIN when she experienced the loss of her own child, Bree. I had goosebumps talking to her because of course that is every mother's worst nightmare. Bree was born at 19 weeks and died immediately. NIN brought blankets, clothes and support to her mother while she was in the hospital. What a blessing to help these families out. No one is prepared when something like this happens with drawers of newborn or preemie sized clothing so it's such a gift to provide these families with the simple necessities needed to care for a baby. These families are praying to experience these days that I am so fortunate to have with my children! Even the hard days - they just want their children to be healthy and alive. Little things like drawing on walls and temper tantrums seem so insignificant when you think about what these families are experiencing! It really put my week in perspective.

Did you know that your wedding gown has the potential to make 10 outfits for a NIN baby? That's making a difference in the life of 10 children that were not even give a chance in our world. It is impossible to find clothes for babies that wear their father's wedding ring as a bracelet or tip the scales at 3 pounds! It is amazing that so many of these babies are able to come home to their families but too many of them do not come home.

My children have so much and I was honored to participate in this shower with the simple gifts that we brought. Gifts such as onesies, diapers, formula and baby gear piled up as the moms came in with their children. It is so important for us to teach our children to have a servants heart and the importance of helping those that are less fortunate.  Evie was so excited because she thought she was going to "watch the babies shower" but she was just as thrilled to eat some cake. Speaking of cake, it was gorgeous and delicious! Renae, really outdid herself and there were lots of compliments. Check her out if you live in the Nashville area at Batter Bowl Designs on Facebook. Many thanks to my amazing husband for driving way of his way to get the cake so I could be home with our kids! I owe him big time for that one. He doesn't even eat cake but he knows that cake is the most important part of any party. Guess who taught him that . . . Evie!

Newborns in Need is doing tremendous work and I am proud to have been a part of it even it was just in a small way!

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