Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up!

We have had a wonderful weekend and the best part is that it is not quite over! Someone is turning 2 months today so I have to post about that later so let's cover the weekend first.

Evie LOVES trains and will be so happy one day when Henry has a train table. She likes the sound they make, the railroad tracks, the little people and any book you can find about a train. Being the accommodating parents that we are, we took Evie back to Cheekwood so she could see her trains. Evie was not so sure that we knew where we were headed and kept asking if we were going to see the trains. I told her that we were almost there and she was squealing saying, "Evie so excited." I just love her joyful personality! Evie was so happy to see her trains especially the little red train. Carl and I always seem to take Evie to see her trains on the hottest days of the year. It was literally 97 degrees at 10:00 in the morning! Cheekwood had a little craft for the kiddos in their air-conditioned art building so we made a beeline down to make a musical instrument. Henry was ready to eat so Carl took Evie to paint. Evie was thrilled to be painting so thrilled that paint was all over her Lilly. Carl did not know about the smocks! Oh well, at least it's the end of the summer.  We headed back to the trains for one more peak before heading out to Chick fil A.

Everyone took naps except for Evie. She was too busy bossing Raffi around in her crib. He has suddenly become her baby and she spends lots of time covering him up, rocking him etc. Nap time was not happening at our house so we jumped in the car . . . well jumped might not be the best word since it literally takes us thirty minutes to get out the door with our two kiddos. We headed out to see our friends the Onello's for supper. It was so fun to see the girls playing and Evie is just fascinated by Abby's twin sisters. Victoria and Sydney are literally the most content children that I have ever met. They just take it all in with a big smile on their face. Abby and Evie had a blast playing together. It just keeps getting more fun seeing them play together. Evie loved Abby's extensive jewerly collection as you can see from the pictures. Aren't they just so cute together? We enjoyed a delicious dinner and had so much fun catching up with our friends. Let's just say that we were all happy to make it back home after listening to Henry scream for 30 minutes. It was a family bonding experience as we all took turns trying to shush him. Poor little guy was hungry since he had not taken the opportunity to eat. Everyone slept late on Sunday. Henry slept until 9:00!

Carl and Evie made us waffles for breakfast. YUMMY! We spent the rest of the day just hanging out at home. Courtney and Christian came over with their boys for dinner. Our most un-organized dinner ever but it was also one of our best. Sometimes the most chaotic times are the best times and having two kids certainly makes things chaotic! Carl made delicious chicken. I roasted some potatoes, made a salad - that was dinner! Our kids were wild but we had a blast. It's so wonderful having neighbors that you love and we are so thankful to have them right across the street. Henry even took a bottle from Courtney. He's not too keen on taking a bottle from me. Evie was tuckered out and went to sleep before I got back downstairs. It's been so fun catching up with our friends and having extra time to spend together as a family.

We are looking forward to another lazy day at home enjoying the rain. Happy Labor Day!


  1. Cute pictures. Looks like a fun weekend! Why is it that our two year old think they don't need to nap!?

  2. What a fun weekend! Avery loves tractors, trains, buses, etc. We may end up with all these things before a brother even comes along.

  3. dad's just don;t think about those clothes sometimes ;-)
    cute, cute picture of you and evie! she looks like such a little momma in that last picture - she's a hoot!


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