Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taking a New Path!

I was feeling guilty about our hard day on Sunday so I had to go check on my children before bed. Evie popped right up and wanted me to rock her. Of course, I did it because she will not want to be rocked for long. I did not even mention to her that I had noticed that she had locked us out of the bathroom again!

Yesterday, we had a much better day but I was exhausted from holding Henry. I was in bed by 8:00 which is a new record for me. It takes the dairy about 24-48 hours to get in his system and then another 24-48 hours to get out. He is so much better today!

We saw a fox in our neighbors yard this morning and it was the highlight of Evie's day! That might be a little too much nature for me since we saw five deer in our backyard several weeks ago. Courtney was able to capture the fox on camera.

Evie had school today and we took a new route to school. Evie was quite concerned that I was taking "a new path" as she called it. I am amazed at her sense of direction. She certainly does not get that from me but she always knows the route. Evie splashed a bit of paint on herself at school so her teacher washed her shirt. They put a blue shirt on Evie and Evie told them that "blue not match" which cracked them up.

Henry and I had a nice morning at home. I had to wake my sweet boy to go get his sister. Evie and Henry were not too happy on the way home. Evie was tired and Henry was hungry! Everyone felt better once we got in the house. Evie had an ice-cream cone and kept telling me that ice-cream was sneaking in her nose. She was not too thrilled about that either.

Henry settled down for a nap although he does not enjoy napping in his crib. His reflux bothers him while laying flat but I know it's a horrible habit for him to swing while sleeping. He takes his first nap or two of the day in his crib but then he prefers the swing.

Carl took Evie for a jog while I prepared some dinner. We have had a good day. Hope you did too!


  1. Love these precious pictures of Evie and Henry, they have such angelic little faces! Cannot believe he is holding his head up, wow:) Glad it's been a good day.

  2. so glad y'all had a better day today. i know i say it all the time, but i just love all the things evie says - she is so funny (and smart!)
    LOVE the pic of henry on his tummy....so cute! he is growing so fast!


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