Friday, September 9, 2011

Sip and See for Henry!

"It's okay brother. Evie not drop you!"

Proof of Evie's excitement! Henry was wondering why I just woke him up from his nap.

"Brother, has alligators too Mama!"
Our sweet neighbors hosted a Sip and See for Henry this morning! It was so much fun, wild but fun! Anything with kids has the potential to be a bit chaotic! I was worried that we were not even going to make it out the door. Evie was so excited and thought it was Henry's "dirthday" party. She liked the idea of a sip and see but told me she was not going to sip. Then, Evie moved on to talking about her own "dirthday" party that will happen in January. She will tell you that her birthday is in January but has no clue that it is barely September.  That girl loves a party, she gets that from her Daddy!

Henry really enjoyed his nap at his own party.
Evie LOVED her new jammies.

My neighbors planned a wonderful morning and we enjoyed delicious food along with lots of mom talk. It was an eye-opening experience to talk about issues that will happen with older children. I always say even though the baby years are physically exhausting - it's going to be much harder later on down the road. Real issues are going to crop up and I just hope that we will be ready to tackle them!
Carol Anne, Rachel, Donna, Ashley and Carolyn!

Courtney got in a picture since she was my fabulous photographer!

Thank goodness, we are still in the baby stage! Henry was just a doll. He slept most of the time and then he woke up to be held a bit. Henry and Evie looked so cute in their coordinating alligator clothes. Our neighbors were so generous with thoughtful gifts for both Henry and Evie! I LOVE, LOVE the white cardigan sweater with his monogram! It's perfect and just my style. Henry is going to be one well-dressed kiddo and Evie scored some new toys too.

Clearly, Evie was excited about the cardigan too!
It was such a fun morning. Evie was exhausted from playing so hard with her boys. She passed right out. Henry's asleep too so it's nap time for me too!


  1. i love their coordinating outfits - such precious children you have!!
    the monogrammed sweater is adorable and it looks like evie was pretty excited about it, too!
    you look fabulous - you definitely do not look like you just had a baby. what's your secret?
    and my word, henry sure does look like his daddy in those first few pictures!

  2. What a fun and memorable morning;) I love that the pictures turned out so cute and show none of the true chaos these crazy boys were causing behind the scenes!! Poor Rachel will probably lock her doors the next time she sees the C's, ha! Love all those cute things you got, yay:)


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