Wednesday, September 14, 2011

He's Back . . .

Evie liked the castle sponge best because she is obssesed with all things princess.

Notice the oreo in the picture, Evie took that to her daddy for snacktime.
Carl has been gone since Sunday morning and it has been a long week. Is it really only Wednesday? We did really well on Sunday and most of Monday. Yesterday and today were pretty hard, I tried introducing dairy and it was going so well that I kept going - BIG mistake. It has not gone well at all! I learned that dairy consumption is cumulative and it really added up in Henry's little system. He did not sleep for more than an hour at a time since Sunday. Nights have been fine but the days have been pretty tough. He took a three hour siesta this afternoon and seems to be feeling much better. Needless to say, there is not a bowl of ice-cream or piece of cheese in this world worth an uncomfortable baby! Henry's pediatrican wants me to try dairy again in a few weeks. I am not so sure about that yet!

Carl went to Destin for work - lucky boy! We were invited to go too but decided as hard as it would be for me to stay here by myself that it'd be harder to drive 435 miles to Destin. Not to mention keeping up with two kids while he attended the conference. He is exhausted from keeping his game face on all week and I am exhausted from keeping up with two kiddos! Evie woke up at 3 last night convinced that there was a monster in her room and wanted her ceiling light on. I compromised and let her have the closet light. Oh dear, I am not ready for nightmares yet. Then, sweet girl was up bright and early at 6:15 this morning. I have done NOTHING of any substance today besides caring for my children and I am okay with that! Maybe tomorrow will be more productive. Evie and Henry did nap well but of course it was not during the same time period.

Evie did enjoy sponge painting for a few minutes this afternoon. She does not do anything for very long. After painting, it was drill time, she ran from place to place with her little pad of paper and pencil stopping long enough to scribble down her most important thoughts before moving on to the next stop. Evie was so excited because her boys got her a new umbrella! That entertained her for a good thirty minutes. Happy Wednesday to everyone!

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  1. Aubrey has started getting scared of random stuff recently. I guess they're fearless up to a certain point, and then they turn into scardy-cats ;) I completely admire you for staying home with your kids by yourself! I won't even spend a night by myself! Guess I'm a scardy-cat myself. Ha!


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