Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11

It seems absolutely impossible that ten years have passed since that horrific day that we will always remember. Time keeps marching on even in the midst of the most unimaginable times. On September 11, 2001,I was a senior at the College of Charleston and sitting in class - Teaching Science to Elementary School Students.

We sat at large lab tables and one of my table mates rushed in with the awful news. I remember one person saying that it had to be a horrible accident but I knew it could not possibly be an accident. Professor Nabors tried to keep class going but soon had to dismiss class. We did not have finger tip access to breaking news in 2001 like we do now. Everyone was anxious to learn more and connect with their loved ones.

I was living in the Kappa Alpha Theta House that year and we all gathered around the TV watching as the gruesome images flashed across the screen. It was absolutely horrible to watch yet we could not tear ourselves away. Classes were canceled and campus life came to a halt.

I called my parents and had a really hard time reaching my mom. Tragedy always makes you want to connect with those you love most.

We are glued to the television again this morning and it still seems just as impossible today as it did then. Those gruesome images are flashing across the screen again and it's just as difficult to fathom that this really did happen. Never forget has become a bit cliche but it sums it up that we just cannot forget the thousands of people who lost their life and the families that they left behind. It makes me want to my precious children tight and shield them from the uncertainties of this world. Prayers must be pouring in right now as we all take the time to reflect on this solemn day.

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  1. And I believe I saw you the night before (my 21st birthday:) WE both made it to class that a.m. what responsible girls!!! What a memory of Charleston on that tragic day. Love you Jen! XOXO, Mollie


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