Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pajama Day!

Wednesday's are going to be our pajama day since Evie has school on Tuesday and Thursday. It's been so nice to hang out at home in our pj's! Evie loves to be cozy so she is thrilled get to wear her "jammies" all day. Henry woke up about 9 this morning and I brought him downstairs. Evie was playing on his play mat so I put him in there too. Of course, I could not resist snapping a few quick pictures of my cute kiddos!

First Evie, thought it'd be fun to hang out at the other end but Mommy thought that seemed a bit dangerous!

Then, she decided it'd be fun for baby to play too.

Next, Evie had a really great idea and brother thought it might be funny!

So they waited for mommy to go get her tea and this is what happened!

Evie told me she took Henry's clothes off so she could pet him. She thinks he is our family pet! Brother did not seem to mind and did not make one peep while she was doing this. He must have his Daddy's super laid-back personality.  Nothing seems to bother him which is a good thing since Evie keeps us on our toes.


  1. so sweet! We have that same little play mat too :)

  2. jennifer!!! this is hilarious! i am dying laughing (were you?) ;-)

  3. Please forgive me for not congratulating you on baby Henry before now!!! He is so sweet and handsome!! Many congratulations!!!! Looks like you're handling life with two just fine! :) ~Bri~


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