Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

"Where are we going now?"

I cannot believe this sweet girl is 3!

Only 4 more months until Evie turns 3 . . . time goes too fast!

Not only was the cake beautiful, it was amazing! I even snuck a few bites and she is making a cake for my MOMS club event for this Friday. I cannot wait to have some more!

Maura showing Evie how to play the princess game! Evie told me, "I like Maura."

Sydney and Victoria hung out right here the entire party! They are such calm babies!

Evie is checking out Victoria to make sure that her heart is still beating okay.

"Okay, folks where is that cake?"

I have a picture just like this from the first, second and now the third party! Evie loves to participate in present opening of any type. She does not even care if the presents are hers or not.

"I do what you does, Henry."

Checking out something on the iPad with Daddy.
We had a great weekend. It just went by too fast. Friday was a low-key night. I went to get Henry's new medicine and then picked up some Thai for dinner. Evie ate a few bites of her spring roll and the chicken. Her favorite part was the rice! Of course, that would be her favorite because it is super messy getting rice into a toddler.

Saturday, we took off for the Farmer's Market. It was a gorgeous morning and it was fun to get out and enjoy the weather. Evie got her doughnut fix and I picked up some fresh baked bread along with some goat cheese. My doctor suggested goat cheese because it does not have the same type of milk protein that is in cows milk. That protein is what aggravates reflux in Henry.

We played outside a bit before naps and then headed to the Onello's to celebrate Abby, Victoria and Sydney's birthday. Evie had a fabulous time at the party and seemed like such a big girl. She made a beautiful tiara and ran around in the backyard. Henry enjoyed looking around at all the big boys and even made a friend that is one day younger than him. He's a BIG boy too so that made me feel better about Henry being so big. Maura did a princess theme and there were lots of pink decorations which made our little princess so happy. We all enjoyed ourselves and dinner was delicious. Henry did not enjoy the ride home. I am starting to wonder if he does not like being in the car at night. He literally stopped crying the instant we came in the house. Hope he gets over this soon since it will be dark around 4:30 by November.

We hung out at home most of the day. I did sneak out to see a movie this afternoon. I saw "I Don't Know How she Does It." I read the book before I was a mother and did not really get it. Now, I totally grasp the concept of mothering being an all-encompassing job with worries that never cease and lists that are never completed. It was so nice to get out by myself for a bit.

Carl and the kids had fun too. They watched a movie and made popcorn at home! That goes right along with Evie's theme of "I do what you does."

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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