Monday, September 5, 2011

2 Months!

Dear Henry,

  You are two months old today! It feels like you were just born but you have been with us for 62 fabulous days. You have captured all of our hearts and we cannot imagine life without our sweet Hen Hen! Evie loves you so much and it's really amazing to see your relationship grow with your sister. She keeps a close eye on you and ALWAYS wants to know just where you are at all times. When she wakes up from her nap, she often runs to where she saw you last and is quite concerned if you are not still there. One day, she thought I had lost you because she could not find you. Evie worries that I am going to forget you if I load her in the car first and leave you in the kitchen. Henry, Evie's got your back and it is my greatest hope that she always will.

You weight about 12 pounds and wear a size 1 diaper although you are quickly approaching a size 2. Henry, you love to eat and rarely miss a meal. You eat about every three hours during the day and sleep really good most nights only waking up once to eat. Mommy is so excited because you slept from 9 to 5:30 last night. That really helps your Mama out sweet boy so let's keep doing that, okay.

Henry, you are such a wonderful baby. You mostly sleep but you are begining to spend more time checking out your environment. Mommy and Daddy love seeing all your sweet grins and coos. You always smile real big when I come get you from your crib. That makes it all okay even at 2 in the morning. Our middle of the night feedings are actually are most special times because it's just us without your sister bossing either one of us around. You cross your precious little feet at your ankles, hold on to me with one hand and gaze at me like I am the most wonderful person you have ever seen. I love you more than I ever thought that I could even though I am not a rookie mom anymore. Same thing happened with Evie, you just cannot understand how much Daddy and I love you until you have your own baby one day.

Let's see, your favorite activities besides sleeping and eating must be watching Evie and sitting in your bouncy seat. You LOVE your bouncy seat and want to catch those dangling animals so badly. It's fun to see you swipe at them with your chubby little fist. Evie likes to "guckle" you in your bouncy seat and you like to sit next to her while she does her thing. Tummy times keeps you entertained and you have really amazing head control for such a little guy. You have rolled over quite a few times from your belly to your back so we have to keep a close eye on you to avoid a tumble.

You are all boy already burping, excessive pooping and making some other unmentionable noises. Mommy does lots of laundry and you surely can go through some diapers! You burped the other day and Evie asked me what that sound was. I told her it was you and she said, "no, that a man." That made us laugh so hard because she's right you are quite the expert burper. Evie literally never burped as a baby but you more than make it up for it. Your reflux is so much better and you only cry if you are hungry, tired or if I forget to give you the medicine. Mommy is still avoiding dairy and it has made a HUGE difference with your little system. It's really not that hard and this is such a short season of my life. I will always do what is best for you and if dairy makes you feel bad then Mommy is happy to skip out on the cheese.

Henry, you have had quite a busy month. Uncle Ben came to meet you and he thought you were pretty cute just like the rest of us. You took Evie to school for the first time. You have been on a few playdates and out to eat. You have met most of Evie's best buds and will make your own friends too. We finally made it back to church and you did great. Mommy was a little teary when you received your first blessing at church. We want you to always know that as much as we love you, Someone bigger loves you even more than any of us can ever imagine.

What a special blessing you are to our family and we are so proud to be your parents. We cherish this incredible fleeting time with you as a baby and look forward to many years of fun with you as you grow.  Love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. Beautiful! Happy 2 months to you all!

  2. I can't believe Henry is 2 months old! He's SO cute!!


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