Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You tell, You know, You pick

A little this and a little that . . .

1) Evie loves to say, "Be a nice girl" to me whenever I correct her behavior. Sometimes I do need to remember to be a nice girl when correcting her especially when I have corrected the same behavior multiple times.

2) Carl had a small chip in his windshield so he took the van to work. Evie was so concerned about her car and kept checking in the garage for her car saying, "where my car go." She was thrilled when the van was back!

3) Halloween is still over a month away but Evie loves to talk about her costume choice. She is having difficulty deciding between a ballerina, Rapunzel and a princess. We will not be buying a costume until she is a little more certain of her choice.

4) Postal Scale's are the best thing ever! I bought one for our house and it is so wonderful to print my shipping label right off the USPS website and drop the package in my own mailbox. It has eliminated the need to drag two children in the post office which is worth $11 any day of the week.

5) Evie is using the phrase you tell, you know and you pick quite regularly. She uses "you tell" if she is not sure of the answer to the question. She uses "you know" if asked a silly question such as what is brother's name. Evie says "you pick" when asked which book she wants at bedtime or even if she cannot decide what snack she wants. I think it's so cute and she always uses the correct phrase for the situation! What a smart girl!

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  1. Thank you for leaving such an encouraging comment on my blog this week!! It means so much to me! And my Ashley is planning to either be Rapuzel or Barbie for Halloween. :) It's a big decision.


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