Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spectacular Day!

We had a great day! Evie was so excited to wear her new sparkle shoes to school. She said, "Evie a princess, Mommy. You a princess too?"

Evie went to school while Henry and I met Courtney in Franklin for a little shopping. We had so much fun perusing  the fun little shops in Franklin without anyone making snack requests, pulling on our leg or asking three million questions! Henry did not make a peep except when he decided it was time to eat. He is such an easy baby and I am so thankful for his sweet personality.

Courtney and I found lots of things that we'd just love to bring home and we even bought a few things. Courtney found a little medicine bottle which is just perfect for administering Henry's medicine. I bought a few birthday presents and a baby gift too so that made me feel  productive. It was fabulous to take a day off from the mundane household duties and enjoy some special time with my sweet friend.

Evie was in such a great mood after school. Usually, she is exhausted and it can get a little crazy during the arsenic hours.She was starving today and was requesting snacks faster than I could dole them out. Hummus and chips were her first request, then she wanted some Nerds! Why not, so Nerds appeared for my little Evie.

 I am feeling the need for some exercise these days so I loaded the kids up in the double stroller and we headed to the park. It was a HUGE endeavour just getting out of the house by the time we had snacks, blankets, and the camera. I was so happy to have my camera because we saw two deer frolicking through the field. Several people were standing alongside the path while the deer made friends with a rabbit and her baby. Evie was enthralled by the deer and I was so glad that I lugged my camera out there. Afternoons make for some amazing light and Evie looked especially beautiful as the sunlight worked it's magic. Evie wanted to frolic through the field too but the grass was entirely too high for my comfort level. Not sure what could have been hiding in there. She was appeased with throwing the Frisbee and jogging down to the water fountain. Evie kept announcing that this was such a fun day so that made me happy. It's the simple things that make our children so happy!


  1. It was a spectacular day! Fabulous pictures!

  2. I love Evie's pigtails. You have the most beautiful children, and you are always thinking of great things to do with them.

  3. Sounds like things are going great with your two precious kids! Henry is growing so fast.. I find him so adorable, especially in the tummy-time picture from a few posts ago (Taking a New Path).

    Thanks for the tip about using a lovey while nursing -- I'll definitely give it a try with Jessica.

    Gosh, I'm such a slow reader... Not just that, but even finding the time to pick up the book is hard! If you did the little questionnaire on the Highly Sensitive Child website and found lots of it applies to Evie, then I do recommend getting the book. It might be a while before I get to read the useful information/chapters! haha

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Where did you get those sweet shoes! Need them for my little babe


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