Friday, September 2, 2011

Busy Days!

Evie had her second day of school yesterday and had another fantastic day! She loves school so far and I sure hope it continues. Her teachers suggested that we tell our children what we will be doing while we are at school so I told Evie that I'd be getting a haircut. She gave me her purple bracelet to wear during my haircut!

Henry had his first babysitter yesterday! I was way calmer about it than I ever was with Evie. Karen is a grandmother and loves babies so I knew Henry was in good hands. Evie was over a year old before I left her with a sitter. Second children totally change the game! Everything is different this time around.

After our busy week, I decided that we needed a day at home so that's just what we did this morning! We stayed in our pj's and watched Sesame Street, read books and played with babies - both real and pretend! It was so nice to hang out with my two precious children with no agenda or place to go. I am so fortunate to be home everyday with my sweet children. It's truly the greatest privilege of my life to have the opportunity to watch my children grow.

Evie and I made paint this morning. I had noticed lots of bloggers posting about making cornstarch paint. It was pretty much a disaster at our house.Thank goodness, it was an outdoor project.  Lots of mess and Evie was not that into it. She actually asked if we could get the chalk out in the middle of our painting. We will try it again but I will make the paint in advance. Evie loved making the paint but by the time it was made; Evie was ready to move on. She really enjoyed spraying the driveway down with the garden hose. That was her favorite part!

We are looking forward to the long weekend and having Carl home for three days! Our schedule is filling up with lots of fun activities and opportunities to spend time with our friends. Hope your Labor Day weekend is off to a great start.

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