Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nursery Decor

I'm planning to do an entire post on Henry's nursery after I finish it! Girls, if you are pregnant especially with your second child . . . take it from me and finish the nursery before the baby arrives. Everything takes longer with two children!

Anyway, I wanted to share one of my favorite prints from Henry's nursery. It's a flashcard print from Sarah & Abraham and it's so fun. I like it because it's personalized, fits my color scheme and will work for many years. It's not so "baby" that Henry will want to kick it to the curb before he turns three. I have spent lots of time in Henry's nursery and everyday I just love staring at his beautiful print! My picture does not begin to capture the print! It's playful and sophisticated at the same time which is hard to find for a nursery.

Let's talk about how the owner of Sarah &Abraham was amazing to work with and really had fabulous customer service. I ordered the print and had it in hand within a week. Now, that's speedy delivery! I immediately opened it, loved it and put it on my dining room table. When Carl went to hang it, I noticed a small imperfection of dirt that my table had left on it! I was 9 months pregnant and extremely hormonal so this seemed like the end of the world at the time. Carl was probably a little concerned about my emotional stability that last month or so of pregnancy. It has improved tremendously, folks! I immediately contacted Sarah &Abraham to let her know what happened and to see if she would recommend a way for me to clean it or offer a discount for an additional print! This is where it gets good . . . she sent me an entire new print free of charge! That's why I just ordered two more things from her because I know that I will love it and even more I want to support her spectacular customer service! Check out her site- you will not be disappointed!


  1. love it!!! i have "pinned" one of those prints for laney (and maybe one for libbi) in my pinterest boards. i love sarah + abraham and even more now that i heard your story - how sweet of them!!! and i TOTALLY agree...finish the nursery before baby is here! laney is over 4 months and we STILL have not even made a dent in her nursery decor....sigh. i'm just hoping to get to it before she's a toddler :)

  2. I totally agree about Sarah & Abraham and the fabulous customer service! The owner apparently takes pride in what she does and she has made a "customer for life' in me!! I have ordered several of the Ollie plates (for my twins and 1 as a gift), several of the prints but in the Olliegraphic, one each for my twins, and 2 for my nieces, and lots of the gift labels (2 sets and another set just recently)! She also fixed a problem I had and I am ever so grateful for her customer service!! Loved your blog and Henry's picture!

  3. I love this because it is so classic for a boy. I can't wait to see the rest of the nursery.

  4. Oh, that is SO sweet. Love it! and I love the awesome customer service even more. Can't wait to see the rest of the nursery. I've been reading through Google Reader lately and the commenting isn't near as easy as just visiting individual blogs, so even though I haven't commented lately, I've still been keeping up. ;) I can't believe how big Henry has gotten. Time goes so fast, doesn't it?!


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