Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feeling like a real Mom

Evie had her first full day at school today complete with the car line! That really made me feel like a mom waiting in line to drop off Evie sitting in my mini-van. Evie was so excited to be at school and literally jumped out when the door opened for her.

It's been raining for days but it was so peaceful at home this morning with the pitter patter of rain. Although, I missed the pitter patter or rather clomping of Evie's little feet. Henry was having some tummy issues so he only slept in 30 minute increments this morning but he is feeling better now after some Mylicon. I did not get tons done but I loved having extra time to cuddle Henry. He helped me clean out Evie's closet and do a few little projects between his naps.

Evie shocked us all by napping at school! They had to wake her up to come out to car line so she was a tad grumpy at first. She felt much better after drinking her chocolate milk. We came home and watched Tangled together so she could rest a little more on the couch. It got a little tough as the afternoon progressed since she was so tired. She was fine as long as I kept her busy. It will take her a few weeks to adjust to this new busy schedule. We are thrilled that she loves school so much and hope it continues!

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