Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

It's been an interesting weekend! Friday night was so fun. We had gorgeous weather, our kids were happy and Carl grilled some yummy chicken. It was so relaxing hanging out in the backyard enjoying our little family.

Saturday, was a bit crazy because you guessed it - Henry had some dairy! OOPS! I had no idea that the spinach-artichoke dip had dairy and I must get better about reading those labels. Henry did not sleep much at all yesterday although Evie took a nice long nap. We headed out to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. I LOVE their pizza. However, vegan cheese is not so enjoyable. I cannot imagine having to stay dairy-free by choice. Carl knew it was bad from my face. I ate around the cheese the best that I could. It was so worth it to order a Hawaiian pizza - ham and pineapple with vegan cheese. That really threw our server for a loop! He must have thought that I was a total nut-job eating ham but avoiding mozzarella cheese. Evie was fairly well-behaved but was all over me with her grubby little pepperoni hands. Eating out is not so relaxing these days although Henry did not make a peep!

Henry had his best night ever last night! He slept from 8- 6:45! YEAH, Henry! I slept too which is so different from when Evie slept through the night the first time. I was up every few hours making sure that she was still alive. Henry is always a good nightime sleeper but he is much more erratic than Evie. Some nights he wakes up once or even twice but it's never at the same time. He has no routine or schedule of any type because he is laid-back! We will begin working on a schedule soon because I need structure but our lack of structure is working just fine for now.

Although, he was not so laid-back in church this morning. Henry barely made a peep but Carl took him out because we worry about disturbing others. Then, it got pretty bad so I went out to give him a bottle. I took him back in church while Carl picked up Evie from her class. We made it approximately two minutes before we had to leave again. At that point, we decided to call it a day and try again another day. Evie had already made up her mind that she was going to church and she was not one bit happy about leaving. She let us know her feelings quite clearly. Evie has no issues with communicating her wants, needs and desires in the LOUDEST voice possible.

Carl and I were so frustrated with Evie by nap time today. She slept 3.5 hours and woke up in the best mood although it wore off quickly. We went outside to see our favorite neighbors and had a great time even with Evie screaming over every little thing. Some days are hard. I am hoping for a better day tomorrow!


  1. Hoping for a better day for you tomorrow. We are in the midst of something that involves a lot of crying. I love Evie's pink overalls and seem to remember her in some pretty green ones last year. Are they Little English? I wanted the green for Avery last year and missed out so I won't do that again. I'd love to know how you think sizes run since Evie is still in hers. Glad your Kelly's Kids is in!

  2. hoping for a better day for y'all, too! it's amazing how quickly things can change...especially with a two year old!! i am so undecided on who henry looks like. i used to think he was carl's twin, but now i think i favors you, too. maybe he is just the perfect mix. :)
    evie is looking very grown up these days!

  3. Such cute pictures! Cilla couldn't have dairy either. It was almost the death of me for about six months!


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