Monday, September 12, 2011

Just another Manic Monday!

Evie loved this train at Stephen's birthday party. She went without me once and I rode with her once while someone watched Henry for me.  It looked quite stormy but everyone got a few turns on the train before the rain began. I was so proud of myself for managing two kids at a birthday party but my friends all helped me out! Carl had a work function so he could not attend. I was talking to him on the way there about how I was a little nervous that there was going to be a storm and how difficult it would be to get two kids inside. Evie said, "Don't worry Mommy. Evie protect you."

Henry hanging out in his Mose's Basket. Hands down, the best purchase we made!
Evie loves her "cycle" as she calls it. She also told me she likes bad boys! Oh dear!

Her favorite game - "Which hand, Mommy?"

Balancing on one leg sure is fun!
She looks so big in this picture.
It's been a bit crazy here today! Henry's doctor suggested that I introduce dairy again since his reflux is under control to see what happens. At first, it was going pretty well and I was having visions of Mexican food, pizza and lasagna in my future. By 4:00 today, I remembered why dairy is not a good idea for sweet Henry. He is not so sweet when dairy is in his system and my laundry triples due to multiple costume changes for us both. Carl said if this continues, Henry is not going to weigh 14 pounds for long. I will try again in a few weeks! It's worth it not to have dairy to have a happy, sleeping baby.

Henry had his first playdate this morning. It was the Koala group for my MOMS club which is for babies under 18 months. He had a ball! Well, maybe that was his sister that had a ball but he enjoyed checking out a new ceiling fan and took a little nap after snacktime. Evie remembered that Joshua had a ball pit and was really concerned that she could not find it. Sara was sweet enough to show him that it had broken. Evie has been talking about that all day!

We all took naps. Henry slept in one hour increments all day due to the dairy but I did manage an hour nap which helped tremendously. Nashville in the fall is my favorite time of year! Our weather is glorious so we spent a good chunk of the afternoon outside. Evie keeps me laughing even when she is testing the limits. She loves to take her shoes off but gets upset if her feet get hurt. I told Evie to put the shoes back on so that the ants would not bite her. Evie announced to me that the ants were not home so she could keep her shoes off.

Sara was kind enough to bring us dinner. YUMMY! Evie and I both LOVED the delicious brownies. As I was putting Evie to bed she said, "You love Evie and Evie loves Mommy."  Such a sweet girl - I really do enjoy this stage. Everyone is asleep now so it's time for me to get cracking on some thank you notes.

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