Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doctors and Fortunes

Evie is really into playing doctor these days. She was given a doctor kit for her birthday and it has been a favorite since January. She likes to give shots and administer medicine. Henry gets his reflux medicine twice a day and apparently she has noticed just how it is done. She was using the syringe to give us both "medicines" this morning. Evie wanted me to "choke" before she'd give it to me. She makes this horrendous sound before administering the medicine to herself. Evie kept saying' "I am going to doctor you." She was so funny telling Henry to open up so she could give him some too.

Henry went to get his two month shots this morning while Evie was at school. I was shocked to find out that Henry weighs 14 pounds and some ounces. That means, he has gained over 6 pounds since he was born nine weeks ago. Henry is 23 1/4 inches long. He is huge! Dr. K said he is ready to have his feedings further apart so we may try every 3.5 hours. Henry is a hungry boy.

Evie is just so amusing these days. She kept requesting "words" for dessert last night. I had no clue what she was asking for until I saw the box of fortune cookies. Evie loves to get out her fortune and she recited it over and over. Her fortune was, Laughter is the best medicine. She thought that was so funny! I was feeding Henry and she wanted me to play with her. She looked at Henry and said, "You done yet. Hurry up, please."

I picked Evie up from school and they told me she napped again! She was the first to go to sleep and the last to wake up. That really surprises us and it will be interesting to see if this continues. Evie is exhausted after school and was asleep long before 7 tonight. Carl drove to Knoxville and back today so he missed seeing Evie. She was crying for him at bedtime but was asleep before I got downstairs.


  1. Emily's loving playing doctor too! We got her a play kit after she had a not-so-good experience at her appointment for strep. She also loves to administer medicine with the syringe :).

    Sounds like Evie is a wonderful big sister!!

  2. evie cracks me up! i love your evie stories!! wanting you to "choke" before giving you your medicine is too funny!

  3. too cute!!!

    And girl, let me tell you about the talks I've had with myself about dark hardwood floors. We had them installed in our entire downstairs (minus the kitchen) in Pawleys after I'd lusted over them for years in pictures. Two days and one entire box of swiffers later...they were on my hit list. Once we got Mabry and then Wells was born, it all went downhill. They are so IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean looking. Our house in Richmond has light wood which I hated at first but I have to say, they hide the dust and crumbs so well!!!


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