Friday, September 16, 2011

What a Week!

Oh, how I love this sweet and sassy girl!
Evie wants a bike now for Christmas!

Are they not too cute? CJ LOVES Evie and she loves him! What a sweet friend!

Evie LOVES her brother and the transition could not have been any easier for any of us!

Friday is finally here! Boy, has it been a long week between projectile spit-up, toddlers locking bathroom doors and Carl being OOT. We are ready to kick back and relax for a few days at home although I am sure we will find something to do too!

I am not thinking too clearly and cannot remember what in the world we have done the past few days. So, I decided to stick with bullet points.

1) Evie is in the cutest yet most challenging stage yet! She knows just how to push my buttons and then turn on the charm within two minutes. Her tantrums are quite intense for about two minutes or until she gets her way. I'll be honest and say sometimes we pick our battles. She keeps me laughing with her antics. Evie told me that she was going to be a mailman girl when she grows up. Might want to reconsider that career Evie since it might not be around much longer! I asked her what she was doing the other day and she said "tippin" - I looked over and she was on her tip toes. So cute! Evie wants to be right with us all the time. She says, "I do what Mommy does" and "Let's sit together" all day long. Evie is JUST.LIKE.ME which is going to be interesting as she gets older.

2) Henry is the sweetest, calmest baby ever! He sleeps, eats, and smiles all day long. I am so glad we had Evie first or I would have been in for a rude awakening. He is doing much better with his belly and we are tyring another medicine for his reflux. He can spit-up like you have never seen unless you have a baby who has severe reflux too!

3) Have you read, "What Women Fear" by Angie Smith? Run to your local bookstore and get it! I read it in two days and LOVED it! She hits the nail on the head and it is so reassuring to know that millions of other women have the same struggles that I do as I balance being a wife, mother, daughter,sister, friend with the rest of my life. It is a faith based book and gives lots of reasons why God does not want us to live in fear. Perfect for me because worry is my middle name. Reading this book is like chatting with a good friend and I HIGHLY recommend it.

4) Dairy free is really hard! Milk products are in everything. My lactation consultant is my new best friend and has given me lots of tips! You may wonder why I am not just going to do formula. There are several reasons - formula may not fix it - there is milk protein in formula which is what Henry is sensitive to. Hypoallergenic formula is expensive - $50 a can and that's $150 dollars a week or more! As a SAHM, I have the time to devote to working through this and feel strongly that breastfeeding is what is best for my baby. Everyone has to make this choice for themselves and I am sure my choice would be different if I worked outside the home. Nursing is easier for me than bottles! I HATE making bottles and it takes three hundred years for Henry to eat one and it involves a change of clothes for us both. Whole Foods has lots of delicious alternatives and we are planning to try dairy free pizza at Mellow Mushroom this weekend. Carl is a real trooper and eats dairy free when he is with me although it does not bother me at all to be around my dairy eating friends!

5) Evie LOVES school! She is having a ball and the teachers always have funny stories for me when I pick her up. Molly told me yesterday that it is so funny to watch Evie paint because she literally does it for one minute and then announces "Evie's done" and that she needs to go play with her dolls. Evie is napping great still at school and was quite annoyed that a girl woke her up. She comes home starving and exhausted! Not always a good combination for her. She devoured some spinach-artichoke dip and an entire mango for snack yesterday. Then, we went outside to play for a bit with her boys and we had LOTS of meltdowns. As, we were walking in she said, "Evie so tired. I rest on couch and get cozy."

6) Both kids have been napping or in their cribs since 12 and I have gotten so much accomplished! Carl never says anything when the house is a disaster but he must surely wonder what in the world I do here all day. I'll be honest and admit that I get so much more done when I turn the TV and computer off - sometimes time really gets away from me and it's such a waste of the precious time that I have right now. My plan is to limit technology to the bare minimum for the weekend so I can mark a few things off my to-do list.

Happy Weekend!


  1. "What Woman Fear" has been on my list to download all week, but I'm falling asleep so early. I am definitely going to read it this weekend since worrying is one of my greatest thoughts. You should feel so proud of yourself and dairy. I fear I wouldn't have the discipline. I'm scanning my brain for other good recipes that are dairy-free. I hope you have a restful, calm weekend.

  2. I need to read "What Women Fear" too! My middle name is worry as well :/ Good for you on being so decicated to doing what is best for Henry! You're a good Mommy! I TOTALLY agree about TV and internet being huge time sucks. I'm bad about just wanting the TV on for "background noise" (as if I don't have enough of that already - ha), but it can be such a distraction. I need to cut back, too.


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