Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Weekends just go too quickly! We had a fabulous weekend with my family visiting. Evie had so much fun that she cried when they left and has said she misses them. Carl and I miss them too and are so glad they came to visit us.

On Friday, my parents and Ben stayed with Henry while I took Evie out for a bit. She needed one shot for school and desperately needed a haircut. Her hair grows so fast that she gets haircuts more than I do these days. After that, we headed to Puffy Muffin for cookies and chicken salad. Evie selected an apple cookie! She deserved a sweet treat since she had 3 shots. I decided to go ahead and do the flu shot along with the next Hepatitis shot while we were there. I had my flu shot too. Evie took good care of me. Shots are never fun especially when Evie said, "Save me, Mommy" while the nurse was prepping for the shots. I told her that shots keep us healthy and that seemed to do the trick.

My brother installed our new cook top in the kitchen. It's so shiny and new, such a nice change from our top of the line 27 years ago cook top that we have been using for the last two years. Our burners were quite temperamental which made cooking a bit of a challenge. My Dad worked on some projects around the house and my Mom did lots of ironing and laundry. I felt like it was a mini-vacation with so many people to entertain my kids and help me out around the house. I told my mom that maybe they could just move to Nashville to help us out all the time.

Both kids napped and I ran out to run a few errands. Nap time is still not negotiable at this point at our house so I rarely get out between 1 and 4. Those hours are when I get everything accomplished around the house.

Carl was able to sneak out a bit early from work and came home with some Martin's barbecue. It was good but the beans were really the highlight of the meal. YUMMY! My mom brought birthday cake for me so we enjoyed some cake a weeks early. My mom always makes me delicious cakes for my birthday and this year she even made it dairy-free!

On Saturday, we headed out to Cheekwood to see the trains and the new scarecrow exhibit. It was a gorgeous day to be outside and we had a great time. While the kids napped, my mom and I headed to Franklin to walk around the quaint downtown and check out the shops. I even bought my first Christmas present. Amazing for me, I usually do not begin shopping until December. Everyone was awake when we got back!

We hung out around the house and then went to the neighborhood block party. Henry stayed home with my mom while my Dad and Ben went to Home Depot . They helped us out so much with some little projects around the house. Evie went with us to the block party. She loves all the big girls on our street and enjoyed being carried around by them. Those girls literally ask us every time we see them if they can babysit but their schedules are so busy that it never works out.

Carl grilled "Curt Steak" for dinner. It's the best recipe for London Broil. My friend Candice gave me the recipe and it's from her Dad, Curt. I went to bed early after our busy day!

It was another beautiful day so we spent most of the morning outside. Evie keeps everyone entertained and Henry loves to be outside too. My parents and Ben left around noon so we distracted Evie with a picnic lunch outside. We all took naps and then Carl took Evie out for a bit so I could do a few things around the house. It was a fun weekend! Hope your week gets off to a great start.


  1. I love these pictures! You look so beautiful!!!

  2. You look A.MAZ.ING! You got some great family shots! Isn't it the best when the Grands come and spoil the kiddos? Cilla absolutely adores her grandparents too and cries when they leave.
    Thanks for the ideas for meals!
    Also, just realized I never got back to you on dairy free meal ideas. Honestly, I was a failure at it. It was so hard for that I was done breastfeeding after 6 months. I know. I know. We had Cilla on soy formula at that point and it helped, but was not the end all. I ate a lot of Veggie Soups...anything without cream base. Salads, although I think too many greens bothered Cilla, too. Any grilled meat. Fajitas without dairy, of course! Salsa. Snow Cones for dessert;) I had a black bean salad that I loved and ate it like it was going out of style. I can share the recipe with you if you would like. But I was so so so ready for pizza, ice cream and a big tall glass of milk. That is why I didn't last!


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