Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Preschool Open House

Evie loves to play with cash registers!

Sharing is hard to do!

Henry hanging out at the Open House.

Evie and Ms. Molly also known as "My Molly" around our house.
Evie and Ms. Jen also known as "My Jen."

Evie hanging out in the book nook. They say she reads all the time at school.

Daddy, Evie and Henry at preschool!

Evie and her red apple!

Evie was quite proud of this tree.
Evie's school had an Open House tonight! It was fun to see Evie in action with her little friends. Carl enjoyed seeing her classroom and meeting her sweet teachers. Evie has been telling me all day that I could not go to school with her -just kids! She was excited for us to go with her tonight after she figured out that everyone else was bringing their parents too.

Evie made an apple and a smush tree to show off tonight. She did not want to leave so that was a little tricky negotiating our departure without any tantrums. She kept asking to have lunch because that is what she does at school.  Henry just checked out the classroom from his carrier. We did meet a little girl who has a brother that is 12 weeks old just like Henry so that was fun! Maybe Henry and John Hayes will be in the same class in a few years.

It was much easier being on the parent side of Open House than the teacher side. Ms. Jen and Ms. Molly told us that Evie was so happy all the time. That she enthusiastically jumps from place to place in the room. Carl and I are so proud of our little girl for making such a wonderful transition to preschool.

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