Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Evie's Pink Room!

Here's a sneek peak into Evie's pink room! Although, it will be changing soon because she is getting a big girl bed in January when she turns 3. We are not ready for that milestone quite yet because our Evie is such a good sleeper. Maybe, she will surprise us and keep sleeping so well even in a big girl bed.

This is the view from the doorway of Evie's room. She loves to play dolls in the corner while I take care of her brother in his room next door. Evie reads books in her rocker and we rock her for a few minutes each night. I will miss that when she is in a big girl bed. Maybe she will let us snuggle her in the bed.  I made the garland using the leftover fabric from her bedding and glider. It has worked well but we will  move her canvas over the bed and get a mirror for above her dresser.

This is the opposite corner of her room and another one of her favorite spots for reading books. I used to try to keep the books on her shelf organized but decided that I have more productive things to do with my time.

My mom made this sampler for Evie when she was born and it's a special part of her room.

Here is another picture of that messy bookshelf along with a shot of Evie's print from Sarah & Abraham! I love that print and will especially cherish it when Evie is older. Our girl loves to swing so it's perfect for Evie.

Evie's dresser along with all of her special keepsakes. I love that canvas and wish that the same person could have done Henry's!

Two of my favorite things in Evie's room - the beautiful frame and cup. My college friend, Susan, has a mom, Barbara, that makes amazing cakes. She made a cake for my shower and it did not work out so this was her last-minute gift which has become a treasured keepsake for me! My brother, Ben, gave Evie this engraved cup which Evie uses to serve tea to her dolls.

We always read Evie two books before bed and then rock her while singing her a few songs. It is such a sweet time with Evie except when she does not approve of our song selection. Evie likes us to create our own songs about her day which can sometimes be hard to remember by the end of a long day with a toddler. I have a storyboard of pictures from Evie's first year that I need to get framed to hang on this wall. Maybe one day!

So, it only took me six months to finish this post! I know that it will be so nice looking back at this in a few years when Evie choses her own decor. Let's hope she always loves pink and green just like her Mommy.


  1. Love the pink room! And it's so neat and clean! I'm looking for a similar footstool and bedside table for our nursery. Any suggestions? And YES to me getting an epidural!!! :-)

  2. I love Evie's pink room. Avery votes for pink in her room but Mama can't decide. I just went back recently to the post you did about Henry's print from Sarah and Abraham and bookmarked it. I want one for Avery and the new baby. I also love, love that Evie still has a rocker. Avery's glider will go to the nursery but I'm not giving up rocking at night.


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