Monday, October 24, 2011


Flexbility is the range of different appropriate behavioural responses a person can make in situations that they face. Thank you Wikipedia! I had a real life experience with flexibility this morning and it all worked out just fine.

I had to take both kids to the mall this morning to make a return and let Evie play in the play area. My first solo outing with the double stroller! Evie was thrilled about this idea and kept telling me how proud she was to go to the mall. Well, Henry slept until 10 which he has not done in some time so that gave Evie plenty of time to play with me. We got dressed, played school and took her babies to the park. Evie's park is a large rectangular shadow that dances on the carpet in our den this time of year. She loves it! By the time, Henry was up, fed, and dressed
Evie had decided that she did not want to go to the mall. Both kids were so content at home so I decided to roll with Evie's idea of staying home and we had a blast! Evie and Henry took a rest in her crib, we cuddled on the couch, had a little picnic and folded a mountain of laundry. One perk of me staying home with our children is that most things do not have to be done on a strict timetable. I have the option to be more flexible every day! I consider myself quite scheduled but am learning to go with the flow a little more. It's funny that a two year old has taught me that! Did you read this on Clover Lane this morning? Sarah is one of my favorite bloggers. She is so real and always has a great message. I love this quote. Pretty powerful stuff, I need to get that book if it is all that good.

Love is not something you say, it's something you do.

You can fake that you care but you can't fake being there.

To send a message of love to your children you must show up.

Love is not a spectator sport.

Our kids need to have love expressed to them daily.

With the little ones its pretty simple.

We need to hug them often.

We need to get down on the floor with them and play with toys.

We need to sit down and read with them on a regular basis.

We need to go in and lie down with them occasionally at naptime.

We must not allow ourselves to be too busy to spend time with them-lots of it.

Mac Blesdoe from Parenting with Dignity: The Early Years

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  1. I loved this...your lesson and the quote at the is true even when they are school aged!


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