Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tired Thursday!

We all seem extra tired today! Henry slept good last night. He is back to only waking up once a night. It just always seems to be at different times. I like it much better when it is around 5 or 6. Last night, he woke up at 2 just smiling away which was nice although it'd be nicer at 2PM. Henry eats quickly and then goes right back to sleep. Evie slept through the night much more consistently than Henry but she did not sleep well during the day at all as a baby until she was on a schedule! Henry takes two and three hours nap throughout the day which gives me plenty of time with Evie. He still does not have a schedule but he is beginning to develop some sleep patterns.

Evie was so happy to be back at school this morning. She has been waiting for Thursday all week! Evie was so excited to be at school that she could not nap there. That does not bother me, I like it better when she naps at home in her own crib so it gives me time to get some things done around the house. Plus, she requires more than the short nap that is on the schedule at school. It's perfect napping weather, gray and gloomy, so hopefully the house will stay quiet for a bit.  I am going to go try to accomplish something!


  1. Oh the getting on a schedule. I found that to be SO hard!

  2. Avery would sleep 12 hours at night from early, early on, but just was not a great napper at first. I'm eager, or maybe not so eager, to see how the next one will be. Moms need naps and nighttime to be good for different reasons. I hope everyone is well-rested for the pottying this weekend. I'm still a little unsure when to go to underwear full time.


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