Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's been a spook-tacular Halloween! We enjoyed a relaxing day at home to prepare for the evening festivities. Our neighbors, The C's, came over and we had dinner in the driveway tailgate style. We even used the back of Carl's truck for our buffet. Carl picked up pizza for the kids and Christian picked up Pei Wei for the adults. It was so much fun hanging out with our favorite neighbors. Halloween happens to be my birthday which makes it extra fun. Evie kept telling me that it was her "dirthday too" and she wanted to share birthdays with me.  Courtney and Christian made it such a special night for me with dinner, a "cake" as Evie called it and lots of fun. After dinner, we took a few pictures and loaded the kids up in the wagons for Trick or Treating. Evie and her boys loved it all. Henry enjoyed trick or treating in his own little way from the comfort of the Ergo. It was a chilly night and he doubled as my space heater tonight. Carl and Christian took over kid duty so Courtney and I just walked and talked. Our kids loved seeing the costumes and gathering treats. Evie told me that she did not want her friends to leave when it time for everyone to go inside. Hope you had a Halloween full of treats!


  1. Happy belated birthday!! I kept trying to find 2seconds to write...but Halloween became a crazy day! Hope you had an awesome day.

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day. :) The kiddos look like they had fun trick-or-treating!


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