Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sprite with a Bracelet

Evie has been under the weather for the last few days. She has a fever of 101 and is taking really long naps. Yesterday, I woke her up after 4.5 hours when I just knew something was really wrong. At first, I thought this was just a reaction to having THREE shots in one day but my favorite nurse, Courtney, assured me that was not the case.

Evie is coughing and sounds like a frog.She's also a bit demanding while sick. I can understand the need for a bit of extra attention but think she is taking this just a bit too far. She likes to have sprite when she is sick which is really fine with me. Evie requested her sprite with a bracelet today. I had no idea what she was referring to and she was quite sure that she could not drink her sprite without this bracelet. Guess what the bracelet was? It was a koozie! That cracked me up once I figured out what in the world she was talking about. Carl gave her a koozie on her sprite for the block party so she thinks that all sprite must come with a bracelet.

We have done a whole lot of nothing for the past two days. Evie was devastated that she could not go to school and tried to convince me that she was fine. It was pretty clear that she was not fine when she kept asking "to take a little rest on the couch." My Evie does not take too many rests on the couch! She has been extra cuddly and I have enjoyed the extra time with my sweet girl. Henry is fine so far although it has been a little challenging taking care of him plus Evie. We are hanging in there and it makes me grateful that this is nothing. Evie will be just fine unlike many children that suffer from serious health problems. I cannot even imagine experiencing that with my children.

She was playing dolls this morning and I overhead this: "What's wrong, baby? Something the matter. There is an "ionsaur" under your bed. Don't worry. Evie's mommy fix it." That's just too cute! The highlight of Evie's day was when Amy from the Express Lane at Harris Teeter brought her a pink balloon and a cookie out to the car when we picked up our grocery order. Thank goodness for that cookie because that was the most calories she had all day. She did have a piece of bread, a little yogurt and a bell pepper slice. Carl brought home some new supplies to entice Evie. Let's hope she is better tomorrow!


  1. You can thank your me for convincing the Michelin slap koozie doubles as a bracelet. Glad I can influence my niece.

  2. hope evie feels better soon! such a smart girl wanting a "bracelet" with her sprite. it's so funny the things they pick up on!
    laney is sleeping....sporadicly. some nights are great (meaning 10-5) but other nights....every two hours. our biggest obstacle right now is that she REFUSES a bottle. so i can't be away for more than three hours (sometimes just two) b/c she won't take one from anyone. :(

  3. Aw sprite with a bracelet is the cutest thing ever:) Feel better soon Evie!

  4. Oh, sweet girl....I hope you are ALL better soon!


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