Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We have all been looking forward to our annual visit to Gentry's Farm in Franklin. This was our third year going, Evie was a baby the first year and last year she was a toddler searching for balls. Every pumpkin looked like a ball to Evie. We left bright and early to avoid the crowds. It was a bit chilly when we first arrived but it turned into a gorgeous day! Evie has been so excited about going to pick pumpkins but her favorite part was the tire swing. Carl is going to work on getting her a tire swing of her very own - this shouldn't be too difficult for him since he does sell tires!

We took a tractor ride around the farm and reminisced about last year when we were wondering if we'd be a family of four at the farm this year. Henry was on his way but we just did not know it yet. What a blessing Henry is to our family and we were thrilled to have him along for the ride.

Evie liked all the slides too until a boy got too close to her on the tunnel slide. She's a bit claustrophobic just like me and was not too happy about having this boy so close to her in an enclosed space.

Evie even had a chance to visit a little outhouse. Perfect for a potty-training toddler to see that using an indoor toilet is really not so bad after all. Then, Evie got to work preparing breakfast in the little kitchen and sweeping the porch.

We took our time choosing just the perfect pumpkin. Evie even chose one for brother since he was asleep. We hosed the pumpkins off when we got home and Evie placed them on the porch! Fall is such a fun time of year and I love sharing these traditions with my sweet children. Happy fall, ya'll!


  1. What a fun day! I completely understand Evie and her personal space and think Avery might be following in my footsteps. I love the pumpkin shirts.

  2. So precious! We haven't been to Gentry's yet. Wasn't sure if the babes were too small to enjoy it. We may try it out!


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