Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a fabulous fall weekend! Yesterday, we woke up bright and early to visit the pumpkin patch at Gentry Farms. It opened at 9 right when we got there. There were less than 20 cars in the parking lot and Evie had the run of the place. It was so nice! Evie loved it. We took a hayride, went through a few mazes, played in corn, rode little tractors, and slid down a few slides. Evie's favorite part was sititing in the little house at the table with her "bowl." She loves little chairs so much and finds them everywhere she goes.  We came home and put our pumpkins on the front step. Evie and Carl played outside for a bit. Nap time lasted four hours since our little pumpkin was worn out from her busy morning at the farm.

   I took a little nap too and then headed out for a bit to run a few errands and enjoy a little time to myself. My favorite thing was taking my Sonic strawberry lemonade in the library and reading all the fun magazines! It was so wonderful to have a chance to get away for a bit! Simple things like that mean so much more to me now than before Evie.

    Evie needed a Halloween costume so we took her to Halloween Express. Carl and I could not decide what to get her so we let her decide. She took every single ladybug costume off the rack so that was our clue that she wanted to be a ladybug. Our neighbors told us about a pizza place so we headed over there for some delicious pizza. We had planned to eat there but they only offered carry-out. It was so yummy and it was so funny seeing Evie devour that pizza. The owner had told us "that children really respond well to his pizza" and we think he was right! Evie pranced around the house in her new shoes and had some freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

   Evie slept or at least stayed quiet in her crib until almost 8:30. It was so nice to sleep in without my little blond alarm clock going off before the sun was up. We took a long walk in the park and worked in the yard a little. Evie is such a good helper. She helped rake the pine straw and pick up the pine cones from our dead tree. Evie took a nap while we did a few things around the house. Carl helped me catch up on some chores which helps get my week off to a great start. I took a nap and read a little after our chores were finished. Have you read South of Broad by Pat Conroy? It's really interesting so far but I usually like any book that is set in Charleston. Our friend Christina gave us a buy one get one free coupon for a new yogurt shop so we took advantage of the gorgeous day and enjoyed some yummy yogurt with lots of fun toppings. Carl had 9 oz and I had 3 oz so they got a good deal on us but he shared with Evie. I think Evie got more yogurt on her new cupcake shirt then she did inside her mouth but she sure had fun.

   We stopped to play at Owl Creek park on the way home. Evie was amazed to see a HUGE hot air balloon landing practically in our backyard. It was so cool and really brought the neighbors out to enjoy the beautiful day. Evie made friends with a lady and her hair clips.

   Evie was exhausted from her busy day and went to bed while we made some chicken fajitas for dinner. It's been a fun weekend! Hope you had a great weekend too.

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