Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

We drove to South Carolina on Saturday for James' first birthday party. Evie did great and we made it just in time with a few minutes to spare. James' was having his photo shoot when we got there so it gave us a chance for a wardrobe switch. Evie wore an animal themed jumper in honor of James' jungle party.

 Evie loved all the kids there and so much fun playing outside on the swing set, the baby trampoline and the taking rides in the wagon. She made friends with a little boy and soon had him attending to her every whim. James looked so cute in his giraffe outfit. It's so hard to believe that he is 1. I remember waiting to get the call that he had been born while I was in Raleigh with my mom and Evie. 

 We had a fantastic time at the party. Carl took care of Evie so I could visit with everyone including one of my faithful blog readers Melissa. We had delicious soup and the cake was divine. Try white cake with a touch of brown sugar iced in butter cream. You will be hooked! Lindsay thought of everything for her sweet boy's special day. Everything was just perfect! It was a blast. We left with cute elephant cookies. It was a little sad to leave because I am not sure when I will see Susan again. Lindsay and I are trying to plan a trip to D.C. to see her before she has her bundle of joy in March.  Lindsay and I are spending Friday together with our kiddos. James and Evie LOVE each other and were so cute kissing each other.

  We left the party and headed to Gastonia to see my parents. Evie was exhausted and slept a good bit. She was excited to see her Nana and Ipop but went to bed shortly after she found her slide. My parents leave her Little Tike's slide in their den when she is here and Evie was wondering where it was on Saturday night. It was so funny to see her pointing at it's spot on the floor. We went to church which is always an experience with Evie but she did pretty well because there was a row full of big girls behind us so she was in heaven.

 We came home had lunch and birthday cake for me since we will not be here for my birthday. My mom made a delicious lemon pound cake. Evie was not so interested in napping but finally went to sleep. Carl and I made a quick trip to Target.

 We had yummy ribs for dinner that my dad cooked on the grill. Evie was impressed but she loves anything with a touch of pancake syrup in it. Carl and I headed out for a movie! We saw Wall Street. It was really good. Carl had seen the first one but I have not. It makes you want to escape to a tiny town in Mexico and not worry about things like stocks and bonds. Carl and I had  a great date!

   I have tons of pictures but always have problems downloading them while away from home. Check back soon for lots of fun party pics.


  1. Yay! Come to DC for a visit! We would have so much fun!

    LOVE that pic of Evie and James - so sweet!

    --DC Prep ;)

  2. Hey!! Y'all come see us!!! We aren't that far!!!


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