Thursday, October 7, 2010


Evie wakes up from her naps and bedtime ready to play. As soon as I get her, she starts saying play! It's so cute. I wonder if she will do that once we get back home. Evie's vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds this week with new additions such as Texas, spaghetti, castle, and cake.

  Evie has had such a fun week visiting her Nana, Ipop and Uncle Ben. It's been a vacation for me because they help out so much with Miss Evie.

   Evie took her Nana to see the castle yesterday and then we went to a children's shop to look for a dress for Evie. No luck so we will keep looking. I got my Blacks Barbecue fix last night. Nothing like a cheeseburger with barbecue slaw. It's delicious! I walked up to see our family friends David and Terry after Evie was asleep. They just went on two fabulous trips to Alaska and Africa. Their pictures of the animals were AMAZING. Better than postcards!

  Evie seems to be on Eastern Time now which makes it easier for naps but bedtime comes pretty early since Evie likes her beauty sleep. She went right down for her nap today for the first time all week so all of her playing has worn her out.

   Evie and I went to visit my grandmother who will be 89 at the end of the month along with my Aunt Libby. Evie went outside with her Aunt Libby and ate a cookie. She was a little nervous at first but that cookie perked her right up! Aunt Libby had a few new books for Evie which will make the endless reading we do these days much better. Some of her books are ingrained in my memory because we read them so much.

  It's been gorgeous weather this week so we have played outside and gone for walks in the afternoon. Carl gets back tonight so Nana and Ipop will keep Evie while I go get him. We are planning to go out for dinner which is a rare treat these days! Carl has to work tomorrow so my sweet friend Lindsay is picking us up at his office so we can spend the day with her. Evie and James will have so much fun together. Carl will swing by to pick us up and then we will head to see his parents before returning to Nashville on Saturday. Evie is excited to see her SheShe and Poppy. Evie is so lucky to see all her grandparents in one week! That's a huge feat when living 400 miles away.

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  1. love the new pic of evie in your header (it is new, right??) ;0)
    i bet it's so much fun to hear what evie's little voice sounds like. i can't wait until libbi starts really talking! :)


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