Saturday, October 30, 2010

Too Much Fun!

Evie did great with the babysitter last night. She had fun and went to sleep with her door open which is totally out of the ordinary. I put her socks on when I got back and she did not even stir so she must have been worn out.  Carl and I had a fun time on our date.  Evie woke up at 5:30 this morning calling Mommy! That is not music to my ears at that time of day. I tried to get her back to sleep but she was not interested at all. Carl took her to McDonald's and I went back to sleep. He brought me breakfast in bed which was really sweet!

  We had way too much fun with Evie today and are absolutely exhausted. We had a photo shoot in Downtown Franklin this morning. It was freezing! Poor Evie was blue at the end of it and was not happy at all. Not sure if we got any pictures or not but the photographer said we could go early to one of her shoots later this month to get a few more pictures if we do not get any good shots.

   We went to Pumpkinfest while were already in Franklin. It was so crowded and there were kids dressed up everywhere. It was fun to see all the kids in their costumes and Evie was mesmerized. We had some barbecue for lunch and Evie had chips.  They had the best fried cake doughnuts that I have ever had in my life! They were so good even Carl liked them and he is not much for sweets unlike the two girls in his life. Evie devoured her doughnut in two seconds flat and had cinnamon sugar from ear to ear. Evie loved the music at the festival and had so much fun clapping her hands while watching the dancers.

    We got home in time for a nap and Evie slept for almost 4 hours. I took a little nap too. My MOMS group had a pumpkin carving night and we had a blast. Evie loved playing with all the kids, looking at the pumpkins and wearing her glow bracelet. One of my friends, Christina, brought a birthday cake for me. I thought that was so thoughtful! We all ate cake and Evie knew right what it was as she announced cake to everyone. Carl did a superb job carving our pumpkin and Evie loved looking at it.

   We had a jam-packed day and I am headed to bed!


  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun this weekend. Your pumpkin looks great. Happy Halloween!

  2. Avery is a pumpkin kisser also! Sounds like a fun start to the weekend. Happy Halloween!

  3. Hope you are having an awesome birthday!!!!


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