Saturday, October 16, 2010

21 Months!

Dear Evie,

  Another month has passed and you my baby girl are 21 months old. It makes me teary to type this because it just seems so big and makes me realize how fast you are growing. All the other mommies have told me that time will just keep getting faster and before I know it you will be 21 years old.

   We have had a busy month! You are talking and chattering all day long. My favorite words to hear you say are: castle, spaghetti, cow and Mommy. You have such a sweet soft voice but sometimes you decide you really want something and your voice becomes a little more demanding.

   You copy everything we do and it's so cute. I lean against the counter and talk on the phone and you do the same thing. You spit into the sink after you brush your teeth, you kiss your baby two million times a day and you read the newspaper while drinking your "tea."

   Evie, you weigh about 27 pounds and are getting so tall. Mommy finally changed you into the size 5 diapers and you are wearing mostly size 2 clothes. You really love your owl shirt and your pumpkin shirt. "Owl, Owl" is what you say when I am dressing you because you love to pet the owls. Your feet are growing so quickly and I just bought you some ballet slippers in size 7. It seems like you were just born so how can you already be wearing a size 7 shoe.

   Eating is one of your favorite activities. You love blueberries, black olives and cheese. Ipop thinks you must spend too much time visiting bakeries because you go through all of the sweets you know in hopes of getting a tasty treat. You say cookies, cake, pie and most of the time you are offered a tiny treat. Evie you are a cookie monster and can spot a free cookie from across the store. Daddy thinks it's so fun to grocery shop with you because you call out the foods that you recognize as we walk through the store.

  You are a very active little girl constantly on the move. I spend most of the day running after you and cleaning up all the messes you make. You are very smart and putting so many things together in your head, You found a CD and showed it to me. I heard a kaboom a few minutes later and ran to find you. I was so surprised to see that you had pulled your CD player off of your dresser and you were putting the CD right where it went.

   You still love books so much and it gives me a few breaks throughout the day. It's really sweet to see you engaged in your books and they keep you busy for several hours each day. You will read for about 10 or 15 minutes and then come find me to read you some more books. We repeat this process all day long. Yesterday, I was reading you some books for the hundredth time and was feeling quite tired from taking care of you all day. I looked down at your sweet little face and you were just grinning at the book. You noticed me looking at you and started laughing and smiling. It made me so teary because even when you drive me crazy and sometimes you do - I still love you more than you will ever know.

   Sometimes I wonder if you are ready for a little potty training because you are showing almost all the signs. I think we will wait until your birthday since we will be traveling for the holidays. You tell me when it's time to change you and know just what to do on the potty. It's so cute to hear you using bathroom words but I am sure the novelty will wear off on that very soon.

   You love babies and can pick them out a mile away in stores and parks. It's so amusing to see you get so excited over a little baby and I am not so sure you'd be so excited if a baby came to live at your house. You are a very good Mommy to your babies; feeding them, wrapping them in blankets, giving them pacifiers and rocking them to sleep.

   We had lots of adventures this month with two trips to the Carolinas. You went to Stephen and Allison's wedding and had a blast dancing with your daddy. Mary and Lucy were so thrilled to see you and they took care of your every whim and desire. Lucy even fed you turkey and now you love it!

    We went to see all of your grandparents and they love you so much. Thank goodness, you are an incredible traveler because it makes our trips so much easier. A few books, your favorite baby and a new snack is all you need to survive a long trip. Well, Sassy helps too. That's what you call your pacifier. Raffi is still around too but you have started calling him Poppy. Daddy reminds you that Poppy is your grandfather. I always make a game out of finding your blanket, Raffi and Sassy before bedtime. You have started doing it too. It's so cute to hear you call for your Sassy and Raffi in your sing song voice.

   Evie, you are such a blessing to our family and we are so proud to be your parents. We thank God everyday for entrusting us with such a special gift. You make us so happy, keep us busy and show us what unconditional love looks like every single day. Daddy and I are so lucky to have a happy, healthy little girl with lots of spunk and a gentle spirit. Happy 21 Months, Evie Claire.

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